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WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor

FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System can realize real-time monitoring of cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure difference, wind speed and other parameters of clean room. Standard inputs include: Remote particle counters, air sampler, temperature/humidity, differential pressure, Ozone analyzer and air velocity inputs. Any device that has a liner analog output can be integrated into the system.


WS30R Air Velocity Sensor 


WS30R Air Velocity Sensor is a sensor with the abilities of anti-dampness and anti-pollution.

It can measure accurately with low and medium wind speed.WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor has not only high accuracy and long-term stability, but also very good performance-price ratio.


  • The probe rod made by PVC plastic
  • Mode of communication: standard Modbus-TCPU,Modbus-RTU protocol or 0-5V,4-20mA analog outp
  • Accurate measurement of low and medium wind speed
  • Good performance-price ratio
  • Abilities of antivibration, anti-pollution, anti-humidity

Tag: Air velocity sensor、Airborne particle counter、Remote air velocity sensor、 Pharmaceutical cleanroom monitoring、Air velocity inputs


Test range 0-1m/s, 1-20m/s
Test accuracy ±0.1 m/s
Respond time <3s
Power supply  DC 9-24V
Working environment Temperature: 0~50, humidity: <85% RH
Dimension 135×37×91mm
Weight 0.23 Kg
Material of probe rod  Plastic


  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring
  • Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive Cleanroom Monitoring
  • Medical Device
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • In-Vitro Fertilization Facilities
  • EU Tissue and Cell Directive
  • Aerospace
  • Data Centers
  • Operating Theaters
  • Compounding Pharmacies


Remote 20m/S Air Velocity Sensor Anti Pollution for cleanroom airborne particle counter monitoring system 2


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