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TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

TH-30R temperature and humidity transmitter adopts JIN port high-quality digital temperature and humidity sensor, which overcomes the low measurement accuracy and poor consistency of traditional temperature and humidity sensors. Equipped with new circuit design and structural design, It can be widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace, etc. We provide gas detector OEM/ODM serves.


TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Transmitter 

It is made with the characteristics of stable and reliable quality, high testing precision, wide range of measurement and clear digital display, which is easy to use.TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Sensor is widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace and other production,scientific research departments.

Portable, small size, easy to install
Solid aluminium alloy housing, the level of protection is up to IP65
Anti vibration, low drift
Can be clibrated on-site to extend its service year
4-bit LED LCD display, the readings are intuitionistic and clear
Alternating display of temperature and humidity
Comply with GMP standard of clean room and FDA standard of EU and USA
Mode of communication:standard Modbus-TC,Modbus-RTU protocol or 0-5V, 4-20mA analog output

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Measuring medium  Air or neutral gas
Measuring range  Temperature : -20~80 ℃ Humidity: 0-100%RH
Resolution  Temperature : 0.1 ℃ Humidity: 0.1%RH
Detection accuracy  Temperature : ± 0.3 ℃ Humidity: ± 3%RH
Size and material  135 × 37 × 91 ( mm )    aluminum alloy material
Protection level  IP65
Power supply  24DC ± 20%
Net weight of the instrument 0.23Kg


TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Sensor is widely used in electronics,pharmaceuticals,biotechnology,aerospace and other production,scientific research departments.


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