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MIC100 Online Gas Detector

MIC100 gas detector can be used in 24 hours continuous online monitoring of concentrations of single gas in the filed.The types for detection are more than 500 types.


MIC100 Fixed Gas Detector

MIC100 fixed gas detection instrument (hereinafter referred to as the detector), through the sensor to collect the corresponding gas concentration, the target gas concentration is converted into the corresponding current or voltage signal and transmitted to the signal collection and processing circuit for filter amplifier and then to convert the AD module, eventually to CPU units for various operation, finally it is concluded that for the gas concentration, and the computing results for display and control of the corresponding unit module, for the various signal output and control.


Gas  Ozone (O3) Sensor Electrochemical 
Range 0-1.0 ppm Resolution 0.001 ppm
0-5000 ppm 1 ppm; 
Can be customized Can be customized
Smapling Method diffusion/pump Control Method Controller/Infrared remote control
Allowable error ≤±3% FS; Can be customized Work Method 24-hour continuously monitoring 
Response time T90≤20 seconds;Can be customized Recovery time ≤10 seconds; Can be customized
Working Temp -20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃;(Standard Values) Humidity  10 ~ 95% RH
-40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃;(Limit Value)
Voltage ≤2.5 W(DC24V) Power 12~30VDC
Protection level IP65 Explosion-proof Exd Ⅱ CT6
Alarm Audible;Light(option) Display LCD/without LCD Display 
Cable  PVVP3 * 1.0mm 2 Transmission Distance ≤1000m
Installation Wall-mounted;Ceiling-mounted;Vertical pipe-mounted; Horizontal pipe-mounted
Output ① Three-wire system 4 ~ 20mA standard signal, and it is possible to work with controller module, PLC, DCS system.
② Standard bus RS485 (mod bus-RTU) simultaneous output, and it is possible to view the stored data on the computer via RS232 card.
  Two set of relay switch measures ports ( upper and lower limits) output:dry contact, capacity 30V 1A, 125VAC 0.5A.
④ Voltage Signal Output: can set 0-5v, 0-10v signal output (optional).
⑤ Other Output:  Frequency, Hart, Wireless , GPRS, NB etc.
Size(mm) 180*140*92 Weight(Kg) 1.6
Kit Manual, qualification certificate, warranty card, outer packaging box


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