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TH-1000 CEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The online monitoring and pretreatment system is applied to 24-hour continuous online monitoring of on-site gas concentration.


TH1000 Gas Pretreatment System 

TH1000 gas pretreatment system is mainly used in the gas analysis industry, the main principle is to sample the flue gas or the measured gas from the site for dehumidification, filtering dust treatment after, and the temperature and humidity of the measured gas will be constant in a certain range, so that the gas analyzer can detect the concentration normally, the whole process is automatic processing, no human intervention processing. TH1000 gas pretreatment system is used for The TH1000 gas pre-processing system is used when the gas to be measured is not very dusty and has high humidity.

Waterproof design, fast, reliable and stable detection.
The gas analyzer can be built into the chassis or external
Standard sampling distance of 10 meters, optional vacuum pump sampling distance of more than 70 meters


Handling gases: conventional humidity (TH2000 is required for high humidity), dusty flue gas or other measured gases (TH3000 is required for high dust)
Working environment:- 40℃~+70℃,≤95%RH
Sampling temperature: - 40℃~+70℃(standard)
Sampling humidity:0~99%RH
Constant temperature:25℃ after treatment, can be set (optional)
Constant humidity: 70%RH, humidity after treatment, can be set (optional)
Working mode: fixed continuous work, pump suction measurement (positive pressure, negative pressure, vacuum environment can be) (using imported vacuum sampling pump)
Sampling distance: standard 10 meters, optional high-power vacuum pump sampling distance greater than 70 meters
If the pressure of the measured gas is relatively large, the sampling distance is correspondingly larger
Working voltage: 220VAC, 50HZ
Output signal: 4-20mA, RS485, passive contact, wireless transmission
Protection level: IP65 waterproof type, can be used outdoors
Explosion-proof level: standard non-explosion-proof, can be upgraded to explosion-proof type
Optional features: electric tracing thermostat control system (sampling pipeline)


All the cases require the portable rapid detection of gas concentrations such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, combustion gas distribution, warehousing, smoke gas analysis, air governance, and so on.


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