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Zetron TH-2000-C Online Monitoring System​

Online Monitoring System Composition: sampling unit, sample gas pre-treatment unit, gas analysis unit.


TH-2000-C Online Monitoring System

TH-2000-C online monitoring system is mainly used in the gas analysis industry, the sampling unit collects the flue gas or the measured gas at the site, the pre-treatment unit cools down the gas, dehumidifies and filters the dust, and keeps the temperature and humidity of the measured gas in a certain range, the gas detection unit detects and analyzes the delivered gas, displays the measured gas concentration in real time on the display, and transmits the data signal The gas detection unit detects and analyzes the transmitted gas, displays the measured gas concentration on the display in real time, and transmits the data signal outward to the terminal such as PLC or computer, and can also be transmitted to the local environmental protection bureau or cloud server through wireless GPRS (DTU) or network, and then the user can read the data from the server, which can realize global network monitoring and analysis.

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System composition Sampling unit, sample gas pre-treatment unit, gas analysis unit
Detecting parameters NOX, NO, NO2, O2, optional SO2 and other gases, also can access to detect wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, pipe pressure, temperature and humidity and other meteorological parameters, selected according to customer requirements
Measuring range NOX (0-100mg/cubic), NO (0-100mg/cubic), NO2 (0-50mg/cubic), O2 (0-30%Vol), SO2 (0-100mg/cubic), other ranges are optional, depending on the actual needs of the detection site
Detection principle Electrochemical, depending on the gas composition, concentration and site conditions, infrared, laser, ultraviolet spectroscopy and other principles are available
Sampling temperature -40~600(standard), higher temperature can be customized, within 2000
Sampling humidity 0~99%RH, high humidity gas can be pre-treated
Host working environment - 40~70, ≤95%RH
Working mode Online continuous work, pump sampling (positive pressure, negative pressure, vacuum environment are available)
Sampling distance Standard 30~40 meters, optional vacuum pump sampling distance is greater than 70 meters
Sampling flow Adjustable, 2 l / min (standard), 4 or 10 l / min, optional
Operating voltage 220VAC, 50HZ
Output signal 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, multiple passive contacts, optional: DTU wireless transmission, network transmission and other ways
Dimension 820mm high * 500mm wide * 350mm thick
Protection level IP66 outdoor waterproof type, optional explosion-proof type
Display mode Standard products for 7-inch touch screen display, optional no display window, linux operating system
Data storage Optional 100,000 data or 16G large-capacity SD memory card, U disk storage
Printing mode No printing function, optional wireless Bluetooth printer for printing
Alarm mode Optional integrated sound and light alarm or external sound and light alarm


Main detection occasions: gas boiler exhaust gas monitoring, online monitoring of pollution sources, flue gas emissions, desulfurization and denitrification, boiler exhaust gas, sewage pipeline gas detection and analysis, high temperature and high humidity gas detection and analysis, etc.


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