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MIC3000 3000 Degree Gas Detect Control System

MIC3000Gas detect controller can be connected to various gas detectors, temperature and humidity transmitters, pressure transmitters, wind speed transmitters, dust detectors and other 4-20mA signals. We can support OEM/ODM service.


MIC3000 Gas detect controller


●9" HD touch color screen display, switchable between Chinese and English operation interface (default Chinese interface).

●Can be connected to various gas detectors, temperature and humidity transmitters, pressure transmitters, wind speed transmitters, dust detectors and other 4-20mA signals.
●Units available: PPM, LEL%, Vol%, mg/m3, ug/L, PPHM, ℃, RH%, Pa, kg, PSI, m/s
●4-20mA and RS485 can be input at the same time; data output supports standard MODBUS protocol options: 8-channel 4-20mA output, Ethernet module, PC monitoring software for upper computer, RS485/RS232 converter, USB-RS232 connection cable (PC without serial port needs this option)
Modular structure design, the standard channel is 1 channel (up to 32 channels) 4-20mA input signal, at the same time can be connected to 255 channels RS485 input signal, more channels input signal can be customized, the controller and the controller can communicate with each other.
Gas alarm controller has data recording function, standard large-capacity storage, more large-capacity can be customized. Storage time interval can be set arbitrarily, recording time, concentration value, alarm information, etc. It can be set to record real-time concentration or only alarm information, and the default setting is only alarm information. Support local view all records, selective view records and delete records.
●Three display modes can be switched: displaying the concentration of 6 channels per screen, cyclic display of single channel concentration and real-time curve in large font, automatic cycle or manual cycle between channels can be switched, whether to display the maximum value, minimum value and gas name can be set, and historical record graph can be viewed.
Gas alarm controller with computer monitoring function can be connected to a computer to continuously monitor real-time concentration through the host computer software 24 hours a day, automatically store data on the computer, computer alarm (need to be equipped with speakers), or through the host computer software to read the records stored in a probe or all probes and data analysis, can display the maximum value, minimum value, average value, historical curve, real-time curve and other functions, can export data or printing
The remote transmission function of gas alarm controller allows the controller to transmit the real-time concentration of the sensors on site by wire (within 2000 meters).

Optional Ethernet transmission or wireless transmission function (2 km, 5 km, unlimited distance optional), the data can be uploaded to the monitoring center, environmental protection bureau, other monitoring equipment through a 2-core data cable (wired transmission), LAN, Internet or wireless transmission network, and then the data can be displayed, stored and analyzed through the host computer software, or the data can be read customarily using the communication protocol.

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Signal input 420mA, RS485 input.

Support up to 255 channels of input, 32 channels of relay output, 

32 channels of 4-20mA input and output.

The system cascade supports more than 1000 input channels at most
Output signal RS485 (standard MODBUS protocol), 4-20mA (4-channel, 8-channel optional), Ethernet, wireless (4G/3G/2G 433M LoRa Zigbee), etc.
Display range Digital 099999
Resolution 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 selectable
Display Accuracy ±0.1%FS
Alarm mode

Sound and light alarm, each circuit can be individually set high and low limit alarm value,

 each circuit can be bound to three relay linkage output

Automatic detection Line break/short circuit detection, various status of detectors, function detection, etc.
Working temperature -20℃~+55, 10~85%RH, non-condensing occasion use, waterproof splash and short time rain
Power source AC 180~240V 50H/60H
Maximum power consumption Less than 10W (no-load)
Backup power supply Optional as needed, price is extra
Installation method Wall-mounted
Optional functions All-in-one printer, Bluetooth printer, wireless transmission (GPRS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 433M, LoRa)


MIC3000 gas detection controller used to connect with the fixed gas detector and the related equipment in industrial scene, such as petroleum refinery, chemical plants, LPG stations, boiler rooms, gas stations, paint spray booths, metallurgy, mining, fire, environmental protection, etc.


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