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MIC4000 Explosion-proof Controller

The MIC4000 explosion-proof controller is a gas concentration monitoring and leakage centralized alarm controller. The power supply is directly supplied by the mains power grid or the storage battery. This alarm controller receives RS485 signal and 4-20mA, and temporarily can only receive the RS485 signal output by the company\'s new online detector. If you need to connect to the standard RS485 signal of other manufacturers, please contact our company for confirmation. A gas alarm controller can be connected to 120 bus RS485 output gas detectors and 8 4-20mA output gas detectors. More input channels can be customized.



1. Main power supply adopts AC220V 50Hz (mainboard working voltage is 24VDC), backup power adopts 24V battery, easy to use 

2. Controller installation is simple and convenient 

3. Built-in microprocessor, intelligent alarm, fault judgment 

4. With automatic Diagnostic function, which can detect the fault condition of field detectors. 

5. The controller adopts advanced digital bus protocol with strong control performance. 

6. Supports RS485 input, RS485 output and 4-20mA input, 4-20mA output 

7. Multiple controllers Can be networked, can be master-slave operation mode 

8. Simultaneous display of the concentration value, unit, alarm state, working state and other information of the multi-channel probe 

9. Data storage function, can record the concentration value, fault alarm, concentration alarm and other information


(1) Power supply: AC220V (with built-in AC220V to 24VDC switching power supply) or 24V battery
(2) Power consumption: less than 15W
(3) Measuring range: synchronized with the connected detector
(4) Installation method: wall-mounted
(5) Alarm setting: According to the online detector, it can be set freely, and one probe can control three groups of relays.
(6) Input signal; RS485/4-20mA
(7) Alarm mode: sound and light alarm
(8) Output signal: RS485, 4-20mA output, of which 4-20mA output is an optional function. The controller is equipped with four groups of conventional contacts (24VDC/3A, AC220V/1A) and a group of common contacts (24VDC/5A, AC220V/1A); it can be expanded to 9 groups of normally open/normally closed passive contacts Output
(9) Temperature: -20~70℃, humidity: 0~95%RH
(10) Explosion-proof grade: IICT6

(11) Executive standard: a. GB 3836.1—2010 "General Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres" b. GB 3836.2—2010 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Explosion-proof Type "d"


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