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PM-350 Aerosol Photometer

PM-350 aerosol photometer is used for on-site leakage detection after the installation of the efficient filter and its system, mainly to check small pinholes and other damage in the filter, such as frame sealing, gasket seal, and leakage on the filter frame. We provide gas detector OEM/ODM serves.


PM-350 Aerosol Photometer

PM-350 aerosol photometer for food and drug manufacturers is used for on-site leak detection after the installation of high-efficiency filters and their systems, mainly to check small pinholes and other damages in the filter material, such as frame seals, gasket seals and leaky seams on the filter frame. The purpose of leak detection is to detect the defects in the high-efficiency filter itself and in the installation in time by checking the sealing of the high-efficiency filter and its connection parts with the installation frame, etc., and take corresponding remedial measures to ensure the cleanliness of the area.

PM-350 aerosol photometer can automatically switch upstream and downstream aerosol concentration to determine whether the filter has a leak, portable scanning probe allows the operator to quickly and accurately identify the leak point in remote locations and determine other leak ratios, when the alarm boundary is exceeded, the display board will show an alarm.

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Product Name Aerosol photometer
Item PM-350
Display Range 0.0001% -100.0% Colorful LCD Display
Range 0m g/m3~120mg/m3
Resolution Read a value 1% (0.01% to 100%)
Repetitiveness Read a value 0.5% (0.01% -to 100%)
Flow Rate Range 1cfm(28.3L/min)±10%
Automatically Zero Auto-zero on startup
Alarm Sound and light alarm
Communication Interface USB, a wireless printer
Types of aerosols PAO,DOP Approvals
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60Hz
External Dimensions 258 (long) x178 (wide) x360 (deep)
Weight 9.8kg (Ontology), 10.3kg (Ontology, scanning probe)


High efficiency filter verification                                      
Pharmaceutical and electronics industries
Medical operating room, clean room                                      
Pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing
Food processing, scientific experiments                                       
Equipment certification, equipment monitoring


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