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Zetron MS600 Toxic Combustion Gas CO Analyzer

Simultaneously display the gas concentrations , repeatedly display the concentration of single-channel gases in large font, and display the real-time curve.


Zetron MS600 CO Gas Detector Monitor

Graphical display, and use the form of the curve to reflect the trend of gas concentration changes in a certain period of time. Data recovery function; in case of misoperation, it is possible to select partial or full recovery. It is possible to set whether to display the maximum value, minimum value, average value, or not. Standard USB charging port, with charging protection function, USB hot plug supported, and the charging status instrument can work properly. 4600mA high-capacity rechargeable polymer battery is adopted, so it is possible to work for a long period of time. High-precision temperature and humidity measurements (optional configuration).

· Temperature and humidity measurement function
· 1.2 m retractable sampling handle (1-10 meter hose, and the standard length is 1 meter)

· 0.4 meter stainless steel sampling handle (with dust filter, not retractable)
· High temperature sampling and cooling filter handle
· High temperature humidity pretreatment system

· External remote sampling pump
· Multiple humidity dust filter· CD-ROM (upper level computer communication software)
· SD card storage
· USB disk storage
· External mini wireless infrared printer
· Wireless data communications: RS232, infrared communication, automatic recognition


Gases to be detected Range Accurancy Resolution Response time T90
Carbon monoxide ( CO ) 0-500ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Sulfur dioxide ( SO2 ) 0-100ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Nitric oxide ( NO ) 0-100ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Nitrogen dioxide ( NO2 ) 0-100ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤25 seconds
Nitrogen oxide ( NOX ) 0-100ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Carbon disulfide ( CS2 ) 0-50ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Acrylonitrile ( C3H3N ) 0-50ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Iodine gas ( I2 ) 0-50ppm <±2%(F.S) 0.01ppm ≤30 seconds
Note: Not all gases and range are listed, if you need more information, please contact us.


All the cases which requires the portable rapid detection of gas concentrations such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, combustion gas distribution, warehousing, smoke gas analysis, air governance, and so on.


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