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V.8 Filter Integrity Tester

The filter integrity tester produced has become the first domestic brand, and the test accuracy has reached the level of imported instruments. We can support OEM/ODM services.


Filter Integrity Tester

At present, we have accumulated for thousands of pharmaceutical enterprise customers, the latest model V8.0 take the lead in completing the system upgrade of the audit trail function to meet the latest requirements for data integrity.


* Powerful functions, covering all the existing test methods for the filter integrity testing; 

* The first domestic implementation of integrity testing for the ultrafiltration system; 

* It can create120 groups of reservation solution, so the instrument is more simplistic and intelligent; 

*With rich data interface, the instrument not only includes the standard configuration of digital and analog interface (RS232/USB), but also can customize a variety of industrial bus and simulation control port according to customer's need, in preparation for the intelligent system upgrade, such as the complete set of online automatic sterilization control system; 

*Independent research and development team can carry out the design of specific solutions according to the needs of customers; Many years of field experience and strong professional services can not only ensure that the customers use the instrument at ease, but also can provide the technical support for the design and configuration of the filter system of the customers;

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Power Supply
100–240 VAC, 50HZ, 120W
Operation Pressure
100-10000 mbar (150psi)
Mbar ,kpa, psi, kgf/cm2
Condition Ambient Temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃;Relative Humidity:10-80%
480(Depth) ×300 (Width) × 210(Height1)Function
Membrane Test
Test Accuracy Upstream Volume Test:± 4%;Bubble Point Test:± 50mbar ;Diffusion Flow Test:± 4% ;Water Immersion:± 0.01ml
Number of users
Operating System
Linux system
Operation Interface
Chinese and English bilingual operation interface
Dust and splash level
Print Function
Built-in printer,can control on PC;choose subject
Historical Record
300000 sets records storage
Records Copy
Support USB disk to export (include test curve);
Display Screen
High definition 10 inch ,color touch screen;
Serial Connection
RS232/USB/Support wireless connection;
Work Mode
Applicable Environment
Above D level


Integrity testing techniques can be used to determine whether a filter material is defective and whether the porosity is within specifications, and are therefore widely used in pharmaceutical companies, filter material manufacturers and research units.


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