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DOAS-3000-Benzene Differential UV Spectrometer

The DOAS-3000 online differential ultraviolet spectrometer is mainly used in the gas analysis industry. The main detection occasions: flue gas emission, desulfurization and denitrification, boiler exhaust, VOCs exhaust, sewage pipeline gas detection and analysis, etc. The main principle is: the sampling unit collects the flue gas or the measured gas on the spot, and the pretreatment unit filters the dust, high temperature cooling, electric heating and heat preservation, two-stage high-efficiency dehumidification, and the temperature and humidity of the measured gas, and dust particles. Control in a certain range to achieve the cleanliness required by the analyzer, and then send it to the gas analysis unit for detection and analysis. The measured gas concentration is displayed on the display screen in real time, and the data signal is transmitted to the PLC or computer and other terminals. It can be transmitted to the cloud server via wireless GPRS or network, and the user can read the data from the server to realize global network monitoring and analysis. The whole process is automated and does not require human intervention. DOAS-3000 online differential ultraviolet spectrometer is used in various high temperature, high humidity or high dust occasions. It can be equipped with an automatic back blow system, otherwise manual maintenance and cleaning of the dust filter is required. The entire sampling pipeline has the function of electric heating and heat preservation, which is beneficial to remove water vapor and prevent part of the gas from dissolving in the condensed water to improve the accuracy of detection and analysis. The built-in two-stage high-efficiency condensation and dehumidification system can stably control the dew point of the gas at 4℃ or 5 ℃, to meet the humidity control requirements of various principle analysis instruments for gas. System composition: sampling unit, sample gas pretreatment unit, gas analysis unit


Online DOAS-3000-Benzene features:

★ Explosion-proof and waterproof design, protection grade IP66, outdoor type, fast detection, reliable and stable;
★ Built-in high-efficiency two-stage condensation dehumidification and dust removal pretreatment system, automatic control integrated design, effectively reduce SO2 loss, prevent water vapor interference, and more suitable for working conditions with high humidity and low flue gas component concentration;
★ Using differential absorption spectroscopy technology (DOAS), the temperature drift is small, the measurement accuracy is high, and the ultra-low concentration can be measured;
★ Long-life pulsed xenon lamp cold light source, short warm-up time and long service life;
★ Built-in long optical path gas cell, dual range design for NOx and SO2 analysis, automatically switch range control according to the concentration value;
★ The concentration curve of each flue gas component is displayed in real time, and the curve display ratio can be adjusted;
★ Low detection limit, not affected by moisture and dust, strong anti-interference ability, can avoid cross-interference between gases;
★ Built-in heating device, automatically start the heating function at low temperature, so that the analyzer can be used in severe cold areas;
★ Android operating system, support Chinese and English input, convenient for users to input sampling location and other information, to achieve good human-computer interaction;
★ Industrial high-speed embedded industrial computer with precise control and fast speed;
★ Design and develop computer database and communication system software under windows environment to realize computer communication for storage and printing;
★ Equipped with rich man-machine interface, support mouse, U disk, keyboard, touch pad, printer and other equipment;
★ The fault self-checking function can generate fault reports after detection, which is convenient for users to maintain;
★ Integrated integrated micro thermal printer or external Bluetooth wireless printer;
★ The flue gas conversion method is based on the reference oxygen content conversion method and the conversion factor conversion method;
★ Large-capacity data storage, 16G, can create folders on a daily basis, and store daily test data separately;
★ Optional automatic blowback system;
★ The standard sampling distance is 30-40 meters, and the maximum sampling distance of the optional vacuum pump is more than 70 meters;
★ It can detect and analyze the flue gas whose temperature is within 2000℃.


Online DOAS-3000-benzene detection parameters:

Detection parameters: NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S, O3, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc., can also be equipped with a pitot tube to detect the wind speed, temperature, pressure, flow rate of the flue, and can also be equipped to detect wind speed, wind direction, etc. Meteorological parameters such as rainfall and atmospheric pressure;
Measuring range: 0-2, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000ppm, other ranges can be customized;
Detection principle: Ultraviolet Differential Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS);
Sampling temperature: -40℃ ~800℃ (standard), optional: -40℃ ~1300℃, -40℃ ~2000℃, higher temperature detection and analysis need to be customized;
Sampling humidity: 0~99%RH;
Host working environment:-40℃ ~70℃, ≤ 95%RH;
Working mode: online continuous work, pump suction sampling;
Sampling distance: standard 30-40 meters, the sampling distance of the optional vacuum pump is greater than 70 meters;
Sampling flow: adjustable, 4 liters/minute (standard), 10 liters/minute, optional;
Working voltage: 220VAC, 50HZ;
Output signal: 4~20mA, RS485, multiple passive contacts, optional: wireless transmission, network transmission;
Protection level: IP66 outdoor waterproof type, explosion-proof type is optional;
Display mode: standard product has no window display, optional 9-inch touch color screen display;
Printing method: no printing function, optional wireless bluetooth printer for printing;
Alarm mode: optional integrated sound and light alarm, external type.


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