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MS800A VOC /O3/ CO/ SO2/ PM2.5/ PM10 Air Quality Monitoring Station

MS800A is an online system for enviornmental air quality monitoring. Measures metrological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, radiation, temperature, barometric pressure and ambient parameters, such as VOC /O3/ CO/ NO2/ SO2/ PM2.5/ PM10, could be remotely monitored and exported in various formats to the local central authorities. Support OEM and ODM service.


MS800A VOC /O3/ CO/ SO2/ PM2.5/ PM10

 Air Quality Monitoring System

MS800A is our new air quality online multi-parameter monitoring system, the main monitoring gas type include: PM2.5, PM10, CO, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC,  temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction , noise and atmospheric pressure.
Outdoor LED screen, real-time display of monitoring data ,with solar power to provide real-time uninterrupted  monitoring data.

Tag: Online monitoring PM10Online monitoring pm2.5,  Online monitoring Carbon monoxideOnline monitoring PSulfur Dioxide,  Online monitoring Nitrogen DioxideOnline monitoring OzonOnline monitoring temperature and humidityOnline monitoring wind speed and directionOnline monitoring noise and atmospheric pressure. OEM/ODM gas detector


Parameter Range unit Precision Resolution Configuration Life-time
PM2.5 0-1000 ug/m3 5% 1 ug/m3 Standard 2
PM10 0-2000 ug/m3 5% 1 ug/m3 Standard 2
CO 0-50 ppm 1% 0.02ppm Standard 2
SO2 0-500 ppb 1% 3ppb Standard 2
NO2 0-500 ppb 1% 3ppb Standard 2
O3 0-500 ppb 1% 3ppb Standard 2
Temperature -80 2% 0.1 Standard 2
Humidity 0-100 %RH 0.30% 1% Standard 2
VOC 0-20 ppm 1% 20ppb Optional 2


MS800A could be used in a variety of environments, industrial production environment monitoring, tunnel traffic environment monitoring, and urban environmental monitoring. The atmospheric environmental data monitoring and analysis system can improve the processing and management of air pollution monitoring data, and provide decision-making basis for environmental planning and environmental assessment.



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