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PTM600-AQI2 Air Quality Online Monitor

PTM600-AQI portable gas detector can be selected to detect 1~16 factors (including gas concentration, temperature and humidity, particulate matter, differential pressure, wind speed, etc.) simultaneously.


PTM600-AQI2 Air Quality Monitoring System 

PTM600-AQI2 portable gas detector  can be selected to detect 1~16 factors (including gas concentration, temperature and humidity, particulate matter, differential pressure, wind speed, etc.) simultaneously.


* Up to 30 kinds of factors can be detected at the same time; the specific detection type depends on the internal sensor configuration of the instrument

* Units are freely switchable, units can be selected: ppm, mg/m3, ug/m3, VOL%, LEL%, pphm, ppb, mg/L.
* Built-in pump suction measurement, sampling distance greater than 10 meters; support real-time detection or timed detection (turn off the air pump when not detecting)
* Rich man-machine interface: 3.5-inch high-definition color screen display, the menu interface uses high-definition simulation graphics to display the function name of each menu.
* High-capacity data storage function, support a variety of storage methods.
* A variety of communication interfaces, optional printing function.
* Three display modes can be switched: Six gas concentrations are displayed at the same time (more than six interfaces are displayed cyclically), single-channel gas concentrations are displayed cyclically, and real-time curves are displayed.
* Data recovery function Partial or full recovery can be selected, eliminating the worries caused by misoperation.
* Can set whether to display the maximum value, minimum value, average value 
* A variety of alarm modes alarm mode setting, alarm status indication in multiple directions when the alarm:
     → Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, visual alarm, sound and light + visual alarm.
     → Alarm types: concentration alarm, undervoltage alarm, fault alarm
     → Alarm mode: low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm, weighted average alarm
* Misoperation identification function Concentration calibration misoperation is automatically identified and stopped, which can avoid the bad caused by human factors.
* Zero point automatic tracking Long-term use is not affected by zero point drift
* Multi-stage calibration of target point Ensures linearity and accuracy of measurement, and can comply with both national standards and local metrology bureau standards.
* Intrinsically safe circuit design Explosion-proof, shock-proof, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, through the national standard test
* Protection level up to IP66 splash-proof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, shock-proof


Detection factors Detecting gases (standard): CO, SO2, NO2, O3, PM2.5/PM10

CODetection range0-10mg/m3Resolution0.001mg/m3, High-performance

 electrochemical sensors for environmental testing and analysis

SO2Detection range0-2500ug/m3Resolution1ug/m3, High-performance 

electrochemical sensors for environmental testing and analysis

NO2Detection range0-2000ug/m3Resolution1ug/m3, High-performance 

electrochemical sensors for environmental testing and analysis

O3Detection range 0-2000ug/m3Resolution1ug/m3High-performance 

electrochemical sensors for environmental testing and analysis

PM2.5Testing range0-1000ug/m3Resolution1ug/m3Laser Principle
PM10Testing range0-1000ug/m3Resolution1ug/m3Laser Principle

Optional TVOC, NH3, CO2 and other gases and temperature and humidity, 

particulate matter, differential pressure, wind speed, etc. 

can be expanded to detect any 30 detection factors simultaneously.

Detection method

Built-in pump suction type, sampling distance greater than 10 meters high,

 flow 800ML/min, separate switch button operation switch air pump

Display method 3.5 inch 320*240 resolution large screen HD color display
Display content

Real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage,

 communication, power, charging status, concentration unit, gas molecular formula, etc.

Detection accuracy ≤±1% FS Uncertainty ≤±1%
Linearity ≤±1% Repeatability ≤±1%
Response time T90≤20seconds Recovery time ≤30seconds
Working power DC3-5Vstandard3.7VDC
Battery capacity

10800mAH rechargeable polymer battery with overcharge, overdischarge,

 overvoltage, short circuit and overheat protection

Use environment

Temperature -40~+70; Relative humidity: 10-95%RH (non-condensing);

 Pressure: 80kPa-120kPa

Communication Interface

Standard USB charging and communication (can be customized RS485)

, with charging protection function, support USB hot-swapping, 

support RS232 communication

Data storage

Standard capacity of 100,000 (optional SD card expansion); support local view,

 delete or data export, storage time interval can be set arbitrarily

Interface language Chinese or English can be set, default Chinese interface
Explosion-proof type Intrinsically safe ExiaCT4Ga
External Dimension 255×210×125mm(L×H×W) Weight 2.5Kg
Optional Features

 Temperature detection: -40~+70 Accuracy 0.5; Humidity detection: 0-100%RH

 Accuracy 3 %RH (while temperature compensation)

 Differential pressure detection, wind speed detection, fall alarm, GPS positioning, 

SOS one-touch call for help

 Wireless data transmission: Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS wireless transmission, free computer

 software / cloud platform / cell phone APP remote monitoring data

 Optional internal integrated micro printer or external micro wireless Bluetooth printer

Print content: company name, gas name, date and time, ambient temperature and humidity,

 concentration data, test results (whether qualified)

 Optional 16G or larger capacity SD card supports more than 100,000 data storage capacity
Optional accessories  0.9m retractable sampling handle (1 - 10 m hose, standard length 1 m).
 Free uplink communication software (electronic documentation provided)


Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, gas distribution, flue gas analysis, air treatment and all other occasions that need to detect and analyze gas concentration.


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