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PTM600-AQI6 Portable Air Quality Monitor

PTM600-AQI6 portable gas detector can be selected to detect 1~6 factors (including gas concentration, temperature and humidity, particulate matter, differential pressure, wind speed, etc.) simultaneously.


PTM600-AQI5 Portable 5 in 1 Gas Detector

PTM600-AQI5 portable gas detector  can be selected to detect 1~8 factors (including gas concentration, temperature and humidity, particulate matter, differential pressure, wind speed, etc.) simultaneously.


* Up to 30 kinds of factors can be detected at the same time; the specific detection type depends on the internal sensor configuration of the instrument

* Units are freely switchable, units can be selected: ppm, mg/m3, ug/m3, VOL%, LEL%, pphm, ppb, mg/L.
* Built-in pump suction measurement, sampling distance greater than 10 meters; support real-time detection or timed detection (turn off the air pump when not detecting)
* Rich man-machine interface: 3.5-inch high-definition color screen display, the menu interface uses high-definition simulation graphics to display the function name of each menu.
* A variety of alarm modes alarm mode setting, alarm status indication in multiple directions when the alarm:
     → Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, visual alarm, sound and light + visual alarm.
     → Alarm types: concentration alarm, undervoltage alarm, fault alarm
     → Alarm mode: low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm, weighted average alarm
* Misoperation identification function Concentration calibration misoperation is automatically identified and stopped, which can avoid the bad caused by human factors.
* Protection level up to IP66 splash-proof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, shock-proof


Gases to be detected
 NO, NO2, CO, CO2, O2, H2S
0.001 PPM(0-1 PPM);0.01 PPM or 0.001 PPM(0~10 PPM);1 PPM or 0.1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);
1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);0.01mg/L(0~200%mg/L);0.1%LEL(0-100%LEL) other resolution can be customized
Detection principle
PID photoionization Depending on the type of gas, range, field environment and user demand, can be customized.
Allowable error
≤±2% F.S (other or higher precision levels can be customized)
Working environment
Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Humidity: ≤10 ~ 95% RH
Power supply
3.6VDC, 10000mA high capacity rechargeable polymer battery
Detection mode
Built-in pump-suction type measurementFlow rate at 800 ml / min
Alarm mode
Sound & light alarm, vibration alarm, turning off the alarm.
Protection level
Exterior dimensions
230×210×120 mm (L×H×W)


Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, gas distribution, flue gas analysis, air treatment and all other occasions that need to detect and analyze gas concentration.


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