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TH-3000 Flue Gas Online Monitoring Pre-processing System

TH-3000 flue gas online monitoring pre-processing system is suitable for gas detection and analysis in various warm and wet or dusty occasions, and is more suitable for analyzers requiring dryness and cleanliness of gas.


TH-3000 Flue Gas Monitoring Pretreatment System 

TH-3000 flue gas online monitoring pre-processing system is suitable for gas detection and analysis in various warm and wet or dusty occasions, and is more suitable for analyzers requiring dryness and cleanliness of gas. An automatic blowback system is optional, otherwise it needs regular manual maintenance to clean the dust filter. The whole sampling pipeline has the function of heat preservation and electric thermostat control, which is conducive to removing water vapor and preventing part of the gas from dissolving in condensate to improve the accuracy of detection and analysis, and preventing the sampling pipeline from freezing in winter icing environment. TH-3000 has built-in double-effect compressor water-cooled dehumidification system and 1 meter fine dust filter sampling head (flange installation), with a sampling distance of 70 meters, automatic temperature reduction, automatic drainage and tar filtration. It can control the stability of gas at 4℃ or 5℃ to meet the requirements of humidity and cleanliness of gas for various principles of analytical instruments.


Outdoor waterproof design, protection, etc. IP66, fast detection and analysis, stable and reliable.

The standard sampling distance is 70 meters, and the gas analysis unit can be built into the chassis, or external.
Standard pre-treatment temperature is 800℃, can pre-treat the flue gas of 2000℃.
9" display, can be integrated to display all kinds of probe parameters and control other equipment.
Network transmission, 4-20mA input, RS485 input, 4-20mA output, RS485 communication.
linux operating system, touch screen, 16G large-capacity SD memory card, U disk storage.
Optional: wireless transmission, sound and light alarm, data printing function.

Principle introduction:

Sample gas according to the analyzer can accept the pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, (dust content), and the degree of cleanliness to complete its processing function The following tasks are mainly completed:

1.Sample sampling: the sample gas is extracted from the flue and other environments with a vacuum sampling pump or DC brushless pump.
2.Dust filtration: the measured gas passes through a precision dust filter and then enters the sampling pipeline, if the dust environment requires an optional automatic blowback system.
3.Temperature reduction: the sample probe and sampling pipeline can be cooled down to handle gases within 2000℃.
4.Heat tracing function: heating, heat preservation, preventing water vapor condensation and partial gas dissolution in water, preventing sampling pipeline from freezing in winter.
5.Dehumidification system: double-effect compressor water-cooled dehumidification system to control the stability of the gas at 4℃ or 5℃, and automatic drainage.
6.Tar treatment: the sample gas passes through the tar filter to remove residual tar and residual dust.
7.Precise filtration: the analysis instrument is re-guarded by a high precision filter to prevent contamination and damage to the detection unit.
8.Detection and analysis: Real-time detection and display of concentration, and transmission of data by 4-20mA/RS485 signals, or wireless transmission or network transmission to remote servers or environmental protection bureaus or monitoring stations.
9.Flow rate adjustment: control the inlet volume of gas.
10.Gas switching: carry out the switching of the measured gas, standard gas or air.
11.After processing: 4℃ or 5℃ can be set.


Detection parameters NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S, O3, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.
Can also be optional Pitot tube detection of flue wind speed, temperature, pressure, flow
Measuring range Ranges can be customized
Detection principle Electrochemical, infrared (NDIR), laser (TDLAS) and differential ultraviolet spectroscopy (DOAS) principles are available, depending on the gas composition, concentration and site conditions
Sampling temperature - 40℃ ~800℃ (standard), optional: - 40℃ ~1300℃,-40℃ ~2000℃
Sampling humidity 0 ~ 99% RH
Host working environment - 40℃ ~70℃, ≤ 95%RH
Working mode On-line continuous work, pump suction sampling (positive pressure, negative pressure, vacuum environment can be)
Sampling distance Standard 70 m
Sampling flow adjustable, 4 l/min (standard), 10 l/min, optional
Output signal 4~20mA, RS485, multi-way passive contact, optional: wireless transmission, network transmission
Protection level IP66 outdoor waterproof type, optional explosion-proof type


TH-3000 flue gas online monitoring pretreatment system is mainly used in gas analysis industry, the main detection occasions: flue gas emission, desulfurization and denitrification, boiler exhaust gas, sewage pipe gas detection and analysis, etc.


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