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L20 Handheld Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector

L20 is one button to achieve all the functions. Laser Absorption Spectroscopy technology makes L20 could avoid interference of unrelated gas and only response for methane leakage. Support OEM/ODM service.


 L20 Handheld Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector 

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Measure Principle Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Detection Objection Methane (CH4)
Static Detection Limitation 5 ppm*m
Response Time 0.1s
Measure Range 0-100,000ppm*m
Maximum Detection Distance 60m
Laser for Detection Class I, eyesafe laser
Laser for Indicator Class III, no direct vision or equipment viewing
Protection Lavel IP66
Explosion Proof Exib IIA T4 Gb
Operation Temperature -20 ~50 ℃
Humidity <90%RH, no condensation
Software Alpha One
Battery Li-ion, 8 hours
Display Concentration values
Alarm Viberal
Size 170x52x52mm
Weight 0.38kg


L20 Handheld Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector for natural gas leak detection remote monitoring of elevated methane gas concentrations in ambient air.

It is specifically designed for the constant scanning and monitoring of mission-critical areas such as Leak detection, Emission monitoring , Gas line surveys, Tank inspections, Landfill emission monitoring, Plant safety audits.

1. Places inaccessible to personnel such as overhead pipelines and narrow spaces;

2. Indoor places with windows, such as residential kitchens and laboratories that use gas, can be detected directly through the windows;

3. Finding leaks of buried pipelines.

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