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L10 Handheld Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector

Much lighter, 25% less than L1. One button to achieve all the functions. Laser Absorption Spectroscopy technology makes L10 could avoid interference of unrelated gas and only response for methane leakage. OEM/ODM gas detector


L10 Handheld Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector 

L10 Handheld Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector  is an advanced gas inspection equipment developed by our company. Using the world's advanced laser gas detection technology, non-contact measurement can realize remote measurement, detect places that cannot be reached by personnel, and can accurately locate and quickly find the leakage. This product can greatly improve the efficiency of personnel detection and reduce labor intensity.


The tunable laser diode absorption spectroscopy technology used in L10 has high sensitivity, fast response speed, and good selectivity. It only reacts to methane and will not cause false alarms to other hydrocarbon gases. It uses lithium battery for power supply, low power consumption and long life. The interface of the software operation is intuitive and friendly, and it has a sound and light alarm function. It can be widely used in places where gas leakage may occur, such as urban gas transmission and distribution pipelines, oil refineries, chemical plants, metallurgical industries, and power industries in the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Pocket design  Mini Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector Light Weight With LPG Alarm long Distance Detection 0



  •  small size, only 17cm length, could be put in a pocket
  •  quite light, only 350g with the battery
  •  always strong, with metal body
  •  extremely safe, explosion-proof 
  •  easily use, one button use

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Measure Principle Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Detection Objection Methane (CH4)
Static Detection Limitation 5 ppm*m
Response Time 0.1s
Measure Range 0-100,000ppm*m
Maximum Detection Distance 50m
Laser for Detection Class I, eyesafe laser
Laser for Indicator Class III, no direct vision or equipment viewing
Protection Lavel IP66
Explosion Proof Exib IIA T4 Gb
Operation Temperature -20 ~50 
Humidity <90%RH, no condensation
Software Alpha One
Battery Li-ion, 8 hours
Display Concentration values
Alarm Viberal
Size 170x52x52mm
Weight 0.38kg


In the monitoring of gas leaks, the laser methane telemeter has the advantages of high detection accuracy (ppm level), fast response speed (0.01s), remote measurement (50m), and features such as convenience, speed and accuracy. It solves the gas leakage detection of pipe network facilities that cannot be realized by traditional instruments. The field application of laser methane telemeter can greatly improve the efficiency of gas leakage inspection. Tests in several different application scenarios have demonstrated the advantages of using laser methane telemeters in solving gas leakage safety prevention problems, laying a solid foundation for ensuring optimized operations, and being an effective supplement to existing detection equipment.


Such as: 


Monitor natural gas leaks in valve chambers and compressor workshops

In the long-distance natural gas transmission process, pipeline valve chambers and compressor booster stations are important facilities for natural gas transmission, and their leakage monitoring is also a key monitoring place for production and safety departments. The laser methane telemeter has gradually been promoted and applied in these important parts.

Pocket design  Mini Remote Laser Methane Gas Detector Light Weight With LPG Alarm long Distance Detection 1


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