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ZRD4200 Laser Methane Detector

It is light weight, small size, easy to carry. This product is suitable for all kinds of places where methane may leak, especially for places where there is gas leakage risk in overhead pipelines, narrow space, residential kitchens, etc., but inspection personnel cannot approach due to distance, obstacles and other reasons. We can support OEM and ODM service.


ZRD4200 Laser Methane Detector

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Measuring range
0ppm*m100000 ppm*m
Detection range
50 m
The response time
0. 05s
Display concentration unit
Support ppm*m, %LEL*m and %VOL*m display unit bit(optional)
Laser level
Detection laser: Class I
Indicates the laser
Class III R, avoid direct exposure to glasses
Alarm way
LCD alarm, sound alarm
Meow prospective way
Green indicator laser
Protection grade
IP 68
Explosion-proof grade
Exib IIC T4 Gb
Working time
> 4 hours
Power supply equipment
The lithium battery
The equipment size
130mm*37. 5mm* 40mm


The detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, biochemical medicine, agriculture, fire control, archaeology and other industries and places that need safety detection of toxic and harmful, explosion prevention. The detector can effectively predict the concentration of dangerous gas alarm, to ensure that the safety of staff life is not threatened, production equipment is not lost.


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