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OPC-P2 Portable Oil Particle Counter

OPC-P2 Portable Oil Particle Counter Built-in Lithium Battery Suitable For Hydraulic oil And Lubricating oil


OPC-P2 Portable Oil Particle Counter adopts Laser Extinction Technology, is designed to measure the particles’ size and quantity in oil liquid. It is Suitable for tests of pollution degree of solid particles in hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, fire resistant oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, organic liquid and polymer solution, etc. So our instrument can be used in aviation, spaceflight, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and many other fields.4.1 Power Choice: External power or Battery.

* International Hydraulic Standards Committee specified light resistance (shading) method test principle

* High precision laser sensor, wide testing range, stable performance, low noise, high resolution

* High-precision two-way plunger pump sampling mode, adjustable sampling speed, high precision sampling volume

* The pipeline is made of 316L and PTFE materials, which can meet the testing of all kinds of organic solvents and oils.

* For laboratory or on-site measurement, built-in decompression device can be used for on-line high pressure measurement.

* External pressure chamber can be connected to form positive/negative pressure to realize the detection of high viscosity samples and sample degassing.

* Can use standard sampling bottles, sampling cups and other sampling containers, or directly connected to the hydraulic system, to meet the testing requirements of different industries.


Light source
Semiconductor laser
Particle size range
0.8-600μm (depending on different sensors)
Customized detection channels
8~64 channels optional, arbitrary setting of particle size size
Sampling volume
0.2-1000ml, interval 0.1mL
Sampling accuracy
better than ± 1%
Sampling speed
Cleaning speed
Cleaning volume
can be set between 0~90mL
Counting accuracy
≤ 10%
Limit overlap error
12000-40000 grains/mL
Offline detection viscosity
≤100cSt (viscosity is too large optional air pressure chamber)
Pressure range
low pressure 0-0.6Mpa, high pressure up to 42Mpa (optional pressure reducing valve)
On-line detection interval time
arbitrary settings
Testing sample temperature
0 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Working temperature
Storage temperature
Screen size
7 inch
Power supply
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Battery capacity
Battery running time
6-8 hours
Overall Dimension
Instrument weight


The detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry,environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas, biochemical medicine, agriculture, fire protection, Archaeology and other industries and places that need safety monitoring for toxicity and harmfulness, explosion prevention.


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