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MS600-2 Multi Gas Detector

Arbitrary combination of 1 ~ 6 types of gases such as toxic gases, oxygen gas, carbon dioxide, inflammable and explosive gases, TVOC, and so on.Optional configuration: temperature and humidity measurements.


MS600-2 Portable Multi Gas Monitor

MS600-2 Portable Multi Gas Detector can be used in: mobile rapid and accurate detection of a variety of gas concentration and measurement of environmental temperature and humidity, if the measurement exceeded the limit value, the alarm will sound with flash light.

It adopted advanced electric circuit design, mature kernel algorithm processing, unique external appearance design, had achieved a number of patents about the software works, external appearance, and so on. 

It is possible to simultaneously detect 1 ~ 6 types of gases, and the units can be switched freely. The types for detection are more than 500 types.

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Gases to be detected  Range  Allowable Minimum reading Response time T90
Combustible gas ( EX )   0-100%LEL  <±2%(F.S)  0.1%LEL  ≤10 seconds
Methane ( CH4 )  0-100%LEL  <±2%(F.S)   0.1%LEL  ≤10 seconds
Oxygen gas ( O2 )  0-30%Vol  <±2%(F.S)  0.01%Vol  ≤10 seconds
Carbon monoxide ( CO )  0-100ppm  <±2%(F.S)  0.1ppm  ≤25 seconds
Carbon dioxide ( CO2 )  0-500ppm  <±2%(F.S)  1ppm ≤20 seconds
Ozone ( O3 ) 0-1ppm  <±2%(F.S)  0.001ppm ≤20 seconds
Hydrogen sulfide ( H2S )  0-10ppm <±2%(F.S)  0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Sulfur dioxide ( SO2 )  0-10ppm <±2%(F.S)  0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Nitric oxide ( NO ) 0-10ppm <±2%(F.S)  0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
TotalVolatileOrganic  0-10ppm <±2%(F.S)  0.001ppm ≤30 seconds
Compound gases 
( TVOC )
Volatile gases ( PID )  0-10ppm <±2%(F.S)  0.001ppm ≤30 seconds


All the cases which requires the portable rapid detection of gas concentrations such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, combustion gas distribution, warehousing, smoke gas analysis, air governance, and so on.


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