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MIC2000 Gas Alarm Controller

The Model MIC2000 is a highly capable, user-friendly controller ideal for centralizing display and alarm functions in critical multipoint monitoring applications. It features a large color LCD display, non-intrusive operation, data logging, and numerous communication options including wireless. We provide gas detector OEM/ODM serves.


MIC2000 Gas Alarm Controller 

The gas alarm controller is a centralized alarm controller for gas concentration monitoring and leakage. The power source is directly powered by the mains grid or battery. This alarm controller receives RS485 signal and 4-20mA, and temporarily can only receive RS485 signal output by our company's new online detector. If you need to connect to the standard RS485 signal of other manufacturers, please contact our company for confirmation. One gas alarm controller can be connected to 120 channels of bus system RS485 output gas detectors and 8 channels of 4-20mA output gas detectors, and more input channels can be customized.

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Signal input

132 channels 420mA, RS485 input at the same time, 255 probes

can be connected

Output signal

Ethernet, RS485 (standard MODBUS protocol), 4-20mA (4 channels,

8 channels optional)

Display range Number 099999
Resolution 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 optional
Display accuracy ±0.1%FS
Display mode

High-definition color screen, six-channel simultaneous display or large-font

single-channel circular display, more than six channels automatically or 

manually turn the screen and circular display

Control loop

standard is 4 channels, 1 public output, optional 8 channels, 12 channels

, 16 channels control output

Alarm mode

sound and light alarm, three-level alarm, each loop can set high and low

 limit alarm value separately

Output control

The standard is 4 groups of relay contact output (normally open/normally

closed), contact capacity 3A, 32VDC or 3A, 220VAC, one set of common

alarm output, contact capacity 12A, 32VDC or 7A, 240VAC

Automatic detection

line break/short circuit detection, various detector states, function detection,


Working temperature -40℃~+70
Relative humidity

095%RH, used in non-condensing occasions, waterproof splash and short

-term rain, can be customized outdoor completely moisture-proof and rain-proof

Power source

220VAC/50Hz or 24VDC, 2A, 24VDC, 5A, 24VDC, 10A optional, according to

the number of probes to choose

Maximum power consumption 2.5W/channel
Backup power supply DC24V 5Ah (optional)

330*255*95mm (2/4/8 channels); 420*305*95mm (16/24 channels);

540*305*95 (32 channels)


MIC2000 gas detection controller used to connect with the fixed gas detector and the related equipment in industrial scene, such as petroleum refinery, chemical plants, LPG stations, boiler rooms, gas stations, paint spray booths, metallurgy, mining, fire, environmental protection, etc.


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