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ZP900-CO Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

ZP900-CO Portable carbon monoxide gas analyzer. It is widely used in various fields such as emergency testing, medical, metallurgy, fire fighting, petrochemical, municipal, coating, paint, chemical, etc.


ZP900-CO Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector


ZP900-CO portable multi-functional carbon monoxide detector is a high-end multi-functional gas analyzer, which can be used continuously for more than 60 hours after a single charge, with built-in pumping, using original imported high-sensitivity sensors, accurate and stable measurement, the instrument is equipped with high-capacity internal storage function, and can print the detection data on site. It is widely used in various fields such as emergency testing, medical, metallurgy, fire fighting, petrochemical, municipal, coating, paint, chemical, etc.

·The instrument has built-in pump, which can measure the gas concentration in narrow space and pipeline.
·Adopt original imported gas sensor, longer service life, stable and accurate measurement results
·The whole machine conforms to EMC design standard, super anti-electromagnetic interference ability, suitable for various complex industrial sites.
·Long life span, one charge can be used for more than 60 hours continuously.
·Automatic temperature and humidity compensation technology, the measurement data is real and effective.
·Portable micro-printer is optional, printing test data on site
·The instrument comes with the storage function, it can store data more than 60,000 items every minute, and the frequency can be set.
·Optional USB2.0 data port, TF memory card, test data can be exported to computer
·The instrument output sound and light alarm, alarm concentration value can be set, sound >75 decibels, flashing light alarm
·Industrial color screen display, graphic guide software operation menu, support English and Chinese menu switch
·Optional gas concentration unit can be quickly switched, automatic conversion



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Detection principle
Electrochemical, etc
Response time
≤20 seconds
Input pressure
<0.1 MPa
Recovery time
≤20 seconds
Instrument display
2.0 inch industrial grade color screen
Detection accuracy
Communication mode
195*120*75mm (length, width and height)


Applicable places
◆ Petrochemical, industrial production, smelting and forging, electric power, coal mine, tunnel engineering, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment.
◆ Bio-pharmaceutical, home environmental protection, animal husbandry, greenhouse cultivation, storage and logistics, brewing and fermentation, agricultural production.
◆ Fire fighting, gas, building construction, municipal enterprises, school laboratory, scientific research center.
◆ Pharmaceutical, spray paint room, paint and coating industry, plastic oven, etc.


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