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PTM300 Portable Natural Gas Analyzer

PTM300 Portable natural gas analyzer can be used for online measurement for natural gas compositiong and heating value in real time.


PTM300 Portable Natural Gas Analyzer 

• Modular sensor design ensures easy operation and maintenance.
• Compact and robust design with light weight, convenient for different sites usage.
• With LCD display to indicate all data index and tactile keypad easy for operation.
• Equipped with sample gas flow meter and needle valve to regulate the inlet gas flow
• With constant temperature enclosure for NDIR and TCD sensors to avoid influence by temperature fluctuation and improve the measurement accuracy.
• With function of auto-zeroing, efficiently decrease the calibration frequency.
• In-built sampling pump for low pressure application.
• External safety filter to protect analyzer from impurities
• Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery for over 4hrs full function operation
• Internal data logger for up to 1500 sets of data and RS232 COM port for data output.
• New generation modular syngas analyzer has equipped with a Bluetooth module. Assist with a smartphone APP software, it can realize remote control, data download, and remote online diagnosis function in the near future.  
• Adopt international advanced NDIR and TCD gas analysis technology.
• Can measure the concentration of CO, CO2, CH4, H2, O2, CnHm simultaneously.
• CnHm gas has no interference with CH4 measuring result.
• Precisely measure CO content in high concentration CO2
• H2 reading by patented Thermal Conductivity Detecting technology, with compensation for the interference effects of the CO, CO2 ,CH4 measured.
• No effect from flow fluctuation on H2 reading
• Online Heating Value calculation in real time, freely switchable between MJ / m³ or kcal / m³, and between HHV or LHV.

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General Parameter
Measurement C02.0-5%
Calculation Heating value calculation
Wobbe index calculatior
Technology NDIR
Resolution CO2, CH4 ,CnHm :0.01%
|Precision ≤2%FS
Repeatablity ≤1%
Flow ≤0.7-12L/min
Inlet pressure 2 kpa - 50 kpa
Sampling gas condition Ino water vapor, no dust, no tar
Response time(T90) <15s (NDIR)
ommunication interface RS-232
Power supply External 220VAC-50HZ
In-built rechargeable battery and charger
Workding envlronment
Working temperature 0-50 ℃
Relative humidity ≤95% non condensing
Ambient pressure 86-108kPa
Size 410mm(L)*150mm(W) 290mm(H)
Weight 5kg


Coal bed gas and natural gas components monitoring and calorific value calculating.


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