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UVOZ-3300C Wall-mounted Ozone Gas Concentration Analyser

The ozone gas concentration analyser has an automatic zero calibration function, which allows the zero point of the ozone analyser to be automatically calibrated even when ozone is introduced to ensure the stability of the zero point, bing the ozone analyser can be operated continuously for 24 hours without stopping. we can offer OEM/ODM service.


UVOZ-3300C Ozone Gas Analyser

The UVOZ-3300C ozone gas analyser calculates the current ozone concentration by measuring the change in light signal intensity before and after ozone absorption of UV light. The equipment uses an advanced dual-light UV light source system with an intelligent lamp management system, which enables the UV lamp to reach the measurement state quickly after switching on. It is mainly used for continuous detection of ozone gas in various industrial environments, and can also be used to detect ozone gas in operating pipelines, vessels and other environments. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, municipal and wastewater treatment industries for the measurement of ozone generator outlet concentration and ozone generator output.
The ozone analyser has a touch screen operator interface with real time display of ozone gas concentration, with pressure and temperature compensation and display, and can be set for automatic zero time and manual zeroing mode. High concentration (g/Nm3) range with flow input and real time display of ozone generator output. Two sets of relay signal outputs are available, allowing the user to choose between high and low alarm point signal output connections. The core component adopts UV long life light source system with high transmittance quartz sheet to ensure the stability of the zero point and prevent the zero point drift from affecting the accuracy of the detection concentration. According to the foreign light cell technology design of pressure-resistant, impact-resistant independent light cell structure, zero calibration operation gas flow, pressure, flow rate remains unchanged, to prevent the impact of airflow on the zero calibration, without closing the ozone inlet can complete the zero calibration operation, to ensure that the equipment can be 24 hours a day continuous operation.


Measurement features: patented process with automatic zero correction, dual-optical UV absorption method principle, foreign long-life UV LED light source, continuous operation, ensuring the stability of the detection concentration.
Test method: Dual-optical UV absorption method, long-life light source system, high measurement accuracy
Measurement principle: accurate measurement by photometric absorption principle according to Lambert-Beer's law.
Light source system: foreign long-life UV light source system (UV LED light source (with lens)), free 2-year guarantee.
Usage: Indoor installation with power and signal terminals.
Light cell system: Separate light cell technology, no leakage, high pressure resistance, high flow sampling gas impact resistance.
Intelligent compensation: built-in temperature and pressure compensation and display, with automatic compensation of the light source.
Operation mode: User can choose between manual zero calibration and automatic zero calibration according to the operating status, and can set the automatic zero calibration time.
Display units: g/Nm3, mg/NL optional.
Data display: HD colour touch screen, high concentration range setting for incoming gas mass flow, real time display of yield (optional).
Output functions: 4-20mA, RS485 communication, two sets of alarm point output, electronic flowmeter input, etc.
Standard equipment: anti-corrosion flow meter, ozone tail gas destroyer, inlet gas filter.

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Model  UVOZ-3300C
Measuring range  0-300g/Nm3
Optional ranges  0-200g/Nm3, 0-100g/Nm3, 0-50g/Nm3, 0-1000ppm
Light source life  approx. 30,000 - 50,000 hours
Sampling method positive pressure sampling, negative pressure sampling (optional)
Display interface 4.3" touch screen operator interface
Content interface  ozone concentration, temperature, pressure
Auxiliary functions Temperature compensation, pressure compensation
Display units g/Nm3, mg/NL, %WT optional
Display resolution 0.01g/Nm3
Gas flow 0.5L ± 0.2L/min
Input pressure  <0.1 MPa
Concentration error 0.5% FS max
Linearity error 0.5% FS max
Zero point drift  <±0.3%.FS
Response time 0.03 s for signal, 0.3 s for display
Ambient temperature -20 to 50°C
Piping connection  Quick screw (stainless steel)
Tandem sample aperture  Φ8 (8mm*6mm) (optional)
Bypass sampling aperture Φ6 (6mm*4mm)
Communication method RS-485
Output mode 4-20mA (active)
Relay signal relay signal for high alarm point, relay signal for low alarm point
Power supply AC 110-220V
Dimensions 230mm (H) x 330mm (W) x 150mm (D)
Note 1mg/L = 1g/m3 = 467PPM.
Free warranty 24 months (mainframe sensor)


Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, municipal, sewage treatment and other industries, the ozone generator export concentration output measurement, ozone generator manufacturers, municipal water industry, industrial sewage industry, fine chemical industry food and drinking water industry, space disinfection industry, pool disinfection industry, flavor synthesis industry and other use of ozone generator industry.


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