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G10V Vehicle Laser Methane Gas Detector

G10V vehicle laser methane gas detector has IP66 dustproof and waterproof feature, reliable and durable in daily outdoor inspections, supports probes, straps, belt buckles and other accessories and can be directly installed on a cart.Besides, G10V improves the response speed and increases the suction volume, and is suitable for electric vehicle inspections.


TDLAS technology enables the directly concentration detection of ethane and the measurement results can be got in less than 1 second which is much faster and more intuitive than traditional methodsMoreover, it has significant advantages in terms of service life, anti-interference and operation.


Vehicle Laser Methane Detector 1.1kg Dustproof Waterproof 20L/min  0-100%VOL 1


Model G10V Explosion- proof Grade Exib IIC T3 Gb
Measuring Principle TDLAS Range  0-100%VOL
Detection Targets Methane(CH4) Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Unit ppm, %LEL, %VOL Inspection APP AlphaOne
Static Detection Limit 1 ppm Operating Humidity < 90%RH, No condensation
Pump rate 20 L/min Power Supply Li-ion Battery (10hours duration)
Response Time 0.2s Size 208 x 78 x 53 mm
Protection Level IP66 Weight 1.1 kg
Accessories Handle probe Optional Accessories Bell probe/Carpet probe


Compact and sturdy structure with a detection capability of 1ppm in , 0.1 or methane floating in the air, laser detection equipment can perform real-time measurement more quickly.Especially suitable for trace gas detection.


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