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AlphaOne Gas Detection APP Software

AlphaOne and AlphaCloud have rich back-end data processing and analysis applications. Also, the data collected by APP can be offered to perform third-party analysis tasks,such as 3D reconstruction, with third-party software. At the same time, we insists on providing open and customized development services for third-party software / platforms, in order to break the \"Data Silos\" and achieve \"Interconnection\" between instruments and the world.


AlphaOne is an intelligent inspection APP support both iOS and Android dual platforms

Can be linked to AlphaCloud system

Support interface development and third-party platform migration


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AlphaCloud is a public cloud platform.You can manage multiple different types of detection device at the same time and you can know the working conditions of on-site personnel from the back office.

Also, it supports privatized deployment to further improve the data security and complex analysis functions.learning cost.

At the same time, it has the ability to integrate data from multiple devices.

AlphaOne Intelligent Inspection App Software , Android Platforms Gas Detection Software 2


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