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MIC-600-QCL laser gas analyzer

The MIC-600 laser analyzer adopts the principle of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), which is the \"single-line spectrum\" measurement technology. Using a high-stability, low-noise quantum cascade QCL tunable laser as the light source, the laser frequency is modulated by modulating the working current intensity of the semiconductor laser, so that the laser scanning range is slightly larger than the single absorption spectrum of the measured gas, and phase-locked amplification is adopted. Technology, when a laser beam of a specific wavelength emitted by a semiconductor laser passes through the measuring tube, it is frequency-selectively absorbed by the gas to be measured, resulting in attenuation of the laser intensity. Therefore, the system uses different characteristic absorption lines for different gas components and the Beer-Lambert relationship between gas concentration and infrared or laser absorption spectra, and can be obtained by detecting the absorption size of the absorption line (ie, laser intensity attenuation information) The concentration of the gas being measured. Since only the light of the characteristic wavelength of the gas to be measured is emitted, and only the gas to be measured can absorb the light of this wavelength, it is not interfered by the background gas, effectively overcomes the interference of water vapor, dust and other factors, and realizes accurate and rapid measurement. The process gas composition can be measured. The concentration of the specific gas in, including CO, CO2, CH4, O2, H2S, HCL, H2O, HF, NH3, NO2, NO, SO2, SO3, N2O, etc. The system has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast response speed, almost no drift, no interference from background gas, non-contact optical measurement and so on.


Features of Online Sulfur Trioxide MIC-600-QCL:

★ Non-contact optical measurement, using phase lock technology, almost no drift in long-term detection;

★ The response speed is fast, and the response time does not exceed 1s, ensuring timely process control;

★ High sensitivity, the lowest measurable gas concentration of ppb level, automatic range switching;

★ Analyze process gas directly, real-time measurement accuracy is high;

★ Single-line spectrum measurement technology, free from cross-interference by background gas, and free from water vapor interference;

★ The light intensity compensation algorithm ensures that the instrument still accurately analyzes and monitors under the working conditions of high dust and high particles;

★ Automatically carry out pressure and temperature compensation and correction, without being disturbed by changes in the measured gas environment parameters;

★ It can be applied to various harsh working conditions, with compact structure and high reliability;

★ Modular design, all functional modules can be replaced on site, including laser modules;

★ High degree of intelligence, convenient operation and maintenance;

★ No need for sampling pretreatment system, simple system structure; no sample gas discharge, environmental protection and pollution-free;

★ Automatic blowback system to avoid polluting the optical window and reduce unnecessary maintenance;

★ In-situ measurement, simple installation, can measure high temperature gas; low maintenance cost;

★ Incinerator: industrial incinerator, civil incinerator, toxic and hazardous substance incinerator, garbage incinerator, etc. combustion optimization control and online flue gas monitoring.


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