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TA-1.0 Offline Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

TA-1.0 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is a high-precision offline total organic carbon analysis instrument researched and developed by Beijing Neuronbc independently.


Total Organic Carbon Analyzer TA-1.0

TA-1.0 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is a high-precision offline total organic carbon analysis instrument. The product uses the electrical conductivity difference detection technology, adopting the principle of ultraviolet catalytic oxidation, with high accuracy and short response time. The instrument completely conforms to the requirements of the national pharmacopeia, and it can meet the offline testing requirements for deionized water such as pharmaceutical water (injection water and purified water) and ultrapure water.

※ There is no need for nitrogen, oxygen, acid reagent and oxidant, so the operation is simple and the cost is low;
※ The intelligentce level is high, as it is equipped with automatic sampler, and the system adaptability validation can be done automatically;
※ It has a limit alarm design, and when the test sample exceeds the prescribed limit, the instrument makes automatic  alarm;
※ It is in conformity with the test scheme as specified in the new edition of state pharmacopeia;

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Power Supply 100-260VAC 50HZ/60HZ,120W
Conductivity Detection Range 0.055µs/cm-8.000µs/cm
Measure Range 0.001mg/L ~ 1mg/L(1 ~ 1000ppb)
Accuracy ±3%
Repeatability ≤ 3%
Resolution 0.001mg/L
Response Time 5mins
Measuring Limit 0.001 mg/L
Sample Temperature 1-99℃
Print Function External Printer
Data Copy USB disk to export the data
Display Screen Color Touch Screen
Weight 8.5KG
Dimension(mm) 400*240*270
Audit trail customization


Online monitoring and laboratory testing of pharmaceutical water (purified water, injection water), and cleaning validation, electronic industry, food industry, etc.


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