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TH-1000 Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The on-line monitoring and pretreatment system is applied to 24-hour continuous on-line monitoring of on-site gas concentration. It is equipped with 7-inch high-definition color screen to display on-site concentration, over standard on-site audible and visual alarm (optional), remote signal GPRS, DTU, Lora and other transmission. The gas sensor of international famous brand is adopted. The main detection principles include: gas sensor based on the principles of electrochemistry, infrared, catalytic combustion, thermal conductivity, PID photo ion, etc..


Optional 1-6 kinds of compound gas detectors

Concentration display unit can be switched freely

A variety of communication methods are available

Real-time monitoring via wired or wireless remote transmission, network transmission; 3-wire 4-20mA standard signal and standard bus RS485 (modbus-RTU) output at the same time; optional frequency output 200-1000Hz, Hart protocol signal, 1-5V output, 2-wire 4-20mA, SMS alarm, wireless transmission (2-5km or unlimited distance); compatible with secondary instruments, data acquisition modules, PLC, DCS system, can drive related equipment. 

Infrared remote control
Standard infrared remote control, through the infrared remote control function keys can be one-touch operation, can realize in dangerous occasions without opening the cover operation, such as: modify the alarm point, concentration calibration, zero calibration, silence, restore factory and other functions.

Rich human-machine interface
1.7" HD color screen, display real-time concentration, alarm status.

High temperature gas detection (optional)
Optional high temperature and high humidity pre-treatment system can detect high temperature flue gas.

Data recovery function, you can select partial or full recovery in case of misoperation

The maximum value and minimum value can be set to be displayed or not

Multiple alarm modes, multi-directional indication of alarm status during alarm 
Include: 2 groups of relay switch output, sound and light alarm (optional), display visual alarm.
Alarm types include: concentration alarm, fault alarm.  
Multiple alarm mode settings: low alarm, high alarm, interval alarm, weighted average alarm

Misoperation identification function: concentration calibration misoperation is automatically identified and prevented to avoid bad human factors

Zero point automatic tracking, long-term use is not affected by zero point drift

Multi-stage calibration of target point to ensure linearity and accuracy of measurement

Chinese or English interface can be selected

Wide working temperature: -40~+70℃, support temperature compensation

Record calibration log, maintenance log, fault record, troubleshooting countermeasures, sensor life expiration reminder, next concentration calibration time reminder function.

Intrinsically safe circuit design, explosion-proof, with secondary lightning protection and anti-static capability. Meet national standards and resist high-intensity pulse surge current impact. With anti-reverse connection function. Meets EMI, EMC standards.



Detecting gas

Toxic gases, oxygen, carbon dioxide, flammable and explosive gases, TVOC, etc.


Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, gas distribution, storage, flue gas analysis, air treatment and all other occasions that require fixed installation and online detection of gas concentration.

Testing range

01101001000500050000100000ppm200ml/L100%LEL20%50%99.999%100%Vol OptionalOther ranges can be customized


0.01ppm0.001ppm010 ppm);0.01ppm0100 ppm,0.1ppm01000 ppm),1ppm0~ more than 1000 ppm),0.01ml/L0200%ml/L)、0.1%LEL0.01%0.001%Vol

Detection principle

Electrochemical, catalytic combustion, infrared, thermal conductivity, PID photoionization, etc., depending on gas type, range, site environment and user requirements.

Sensor life

Electrochemical principle 2 to 3 years, oxygen 2 years or 6 years optional, infrared principle 5 to 10 years, catalytic combustion 3 years, thermal conductivity 5 years.

Detection accuracy

≤±3%F.S  (Higher precision can be customized







Recovery time


Response time


Signal Output

Bus system RS485 (RTU), three (four) wire system 420mA, optional: 020mA, 15V, 05V, 010V, wireless transmission, network transmission, SMS alarm.

Working Environment

Temperature-40℃+70℃Humidity1095%RH (GeneralNon-condensing occasions in the use of condensing occasions must be custom-made or specify the use of environment when ordering


On-site 1.7" HD color screen display, optional on-site no display, or optional MIC2000 controller remote display, control, alarm

Working Voltage

12 to 36VDC, 24V, 1A or more than 1A DC regulated switching power supply as standard for a single device


24V, 2.1A switching power supply can drive 40 toxic gas detectors, or 15 combustible and infrared gas detectors

Operation mode

Fixed installation, online detection, diffusion measurement; optional pipeline, circulation, pump suction measurement

Installation method

Pipeline type, wall-mounted type. The working pressure of pipeline type is ±30% of atmospheric pressure, beyond the range need to reduce the pressure treatment.

Alarm method

Default 1 way, optional 2 way passive contact (dry node) output, three level alarm, alarm point can be set. Live sound and light alarm (optional)

Connection Cable

4 ~ 20mA selected three-core shielded cable, RS485 selected four-core, the distance of more than 1000 meters when the single wire diameter ≥ 1.5mm; shielding layer to earth.

Protection level

IP65 (Probes)

Explosion-proof type

Explosion-proof type (Probes)

Explosion-proof signs


Execution Standards


GB 3836.1—2010 

GB 3836.2—2010 

External size




Standard Accessories

Instruction manual, certificate of conformity, warranty card, outer box packaging box


One-piece sound and light alarm, split sound and light alarm, 24V DC regulated power supply, accessories for computer monitoring: free host software, RS485/RS232 converter, USB/RS232 conversion cable for laptops without RS232 interface, and TCP/IP converter for network transmission.

Wireless transmission

Optional function, you can wirelessly transmit data to cell phones, remote monitoring centers, monitoring computers and other monitoring equipment, using the computer on the computer, data analysis, storage, printing and other functions

Pretreatment system

Optional: Normal temperature and high humidity pretreatment system, high temperature and high humidity pretreatment system, high temperature and high humidity and high dust pretreatment system

Mounting accessories

Optional: wall mounting bracket, mounting buckle fixed on the pipeline (four or six branch pipes), stainless steel threaded welding seat or flange for pipeline installation (pipe or flange size shall be indicated, such as DN50, DN15...) Rain cover, 24VDC or 220ac sampling pump (sampling distance 10m), vacuum pump (sampling distance greater than 40m), 24V switching power supply, pressure reducing valve and flowmeter.


It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine and other industries.


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