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Carbon dioxide and hydrogen to make gasoline, is this technology reliable?

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Recently, the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made significant progress in a carbon dioxide oil production technology.

Consuming the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide while producing an increasingly valuable gasoline product sounds really good.
The world's first 1,000 tons/year CO2 hydrogenation gasoline pilot plant succeeded
Recently, the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the world's first 1,000-ton/year carbon dioxide hydrogenation gasoline pilot plant, jointly developed with Zhuhai Fuso Energy Technology Co.
According to Sun Jian, the technology can achieve a conversion rate of 95% of carbon dioxide and hydrogen, selectivity of gasoline in all carbon-containing products better than 85%, significantly reduce the unit consumption of raw hydrogen and carbon dioxide, overall process energy consumption is low, and the resulting gasoline product is environmentally clean, with an octane number over 90 and distillation range and composition in line with National VI standards as tested by a third party.

On March 4 of this year, the pilot technology of 1000 tons/year carbon dioxide (CO2) hydrogenation to gasoline passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Shanghai. The evaluation group, headed by academician He Mingyuan, unanimously concluded that the technology is the first of its kind in the world and the overall technology is at the international leading level.

What kind of technology is this?

It is understood that it is a technology of recycling carbon dioxide, which produces gasoline, jet fuel and other fuel oil and water by hydrogenation and reforming of carbon dioxide, and produces carbon dioxide by burning gasoline and hydrogen by water electrolysis, thus realizing the recycling of resources.

Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are the most important raw materials for gasoline synthesis.
For example, carbon dioxide is found everywhere in the air, in many power plants, and in car exhausts.
Hydrogen is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, and the world's largest reserves are water, so hydrogen can be said to be inexhaustible.
Of course, with the continuous progress of technology, human beings have mastered the technology of large-scale hydrogen production, and the cost of hydrogen production is decreasing, and some countries have already developed the technology of large-scale hydrogen production by using solar energy, if this technology can be fully promoted in the future, then getting cheap hydrogen will become a reality.
Carbon dioxide detection is also a big problem
With the goal of "double carbon", the task of CO2 reduction in the energy and chemical industry has become very serious.
In the process of CO2 hydrogenation and gasoline production, gas detectors are always needed to detect the gas leakage concentration, now Zechu Jun recommends several gas detectors ⬇️

1、MIC-500S-CO2 fixed carbon dioxide detector is used for carbon dioxide gas concentration detection and carbon dioxide concentration over the standard alarm, it can detect the concentration of carbon dioxide and display the real-time concentration value at the scene, standard signal output, with the advantages of stable signal, high sensitivity and accuracy, and the explosion-proof wiring method is suitable for various dangerous places.

2、MS600-CO2 portable carbon dioxide detector is used for mobile rapid detection and reading of carbon dioxide gas concentration, temperature and humidity measurement and over-alarm occasions.

3、Hydrogen leak detector Hydrogen Power UST Germany UST hydrogen leak detector, detection range from a very small PPM to 1000PPM.


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