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Online CO&O2 Detection for Metallurgical Solution

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Carbon monoxide CO is the main occupational disease hazard factor in metallurgical iron and steel enterprises, with many workplaces, wide distribution range, and wide contact with the crowd. The content of carbon monoxide in the gas is about 30%, and carbon monoxide poisoning may occur in the posts exposed to the gas if no attention is paid to the protection.

Harmful gas introduction in metallurgical :

50ppm    Permissible exposure concentration for 8 hours of exposure (OSHA).

200ppm   2-3h may cause a mild forehead headache.

400ppm   1-2h Forehead headache with vomiting , 2.2-3.5h vertigo.

800ppm   45min Headache, dizziness, and vomiting2h coma and possible death.

1600ppm  20min Headache, dizziness, and vomiting, 1h coma and possible death.

3200ppm  5-10min Headache, dizziness, and vomiting, 30min coma and possible death.

6400ppm  1-2min Headache, dizziness, and vomiting, 1-15min coma and possible death.

12800ppm  Immediate unconsciousness. 1-3 min danger of death.


MIC-500S-CO-A MIC-500S-O2-A


The fixed gas detector will be the metallurgical iron and steel enterprises potential hazardous areas for 24 hours harmful gas monitoring, and through the 4-20mA signal transmission to the DCS system for centralized monitoring and control, on-site detection of hazardous gases or oxygen concentration decline to make sound and light alarm action.


★Explosion-proof, lightning-proof, anti-static, put reverse connection, anti-EMI, EMC electromagnetic interference, anti-pulse surge current shock

★Three-wire or two (four) wire 4-20mA standard signal output, voltage output, 2 groups of relay switch quantity

★At the same time has a standard bus system RS485 output (RTU format), optional integrated sound and light alarm.

★Optional wired transmission, LAN, Internet, wireless transmission (2 kilometers, 5 kilometers, unlimited distance)

★Wireless transmission mode can be selected 433, GPRS, WIFI, other methods

★Standard infrared remote control can be operated in dangerous occasions without opening the lid, remote control distance 15 meters, simple and practical

★Each unit can be switched with each other, automatic tracking zero point to prevent drift, multi-level calibration. Support OEM or ODM customization

★Can communicate with computer, real-time monitoring of the concentration of the on-site probe through the upper computer and store and analyze and print data on the computer.

Meet the latest national standards and obtain CMC production license for measuring instruments, explosion-proof certification and other qualifications


Mainly used in industrial production, chemical industry, petrochemical, mining, shipping, natural gas, gas, city gas, metallurgy and other fields.


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