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Preserving Grain Quality with Ozone Analysis Instruments: A Sustainable Solution for Grain Storage

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In the world of agriculture, preserving grain quality during storage is paramount to ensure food security and economic stability. However, challenges such as insect infestations, mold growth, and quality deterioration often plague grain storage facilities, leading to significant losses. According to estimations from silo producer companies, approximately 10% of the world's grain production is lost during storage due to various reasons.

Traditional methods of insect control often involve the use of chemical pesticides, which can leave residues on the grain and pose risks to human health and the environment. However, recent advancements in technology offer a more sustainable solution: ozone gas.

Research has shown that ozone gas effectively controls insect reproduction in silos. By preventing larval development and rendering adult insects unable to reproduce, ozone gas can significantly reduce the risk of infestations without leaving harmful residues on the grain. Furthermore, ozone gas has oxidant properties that can destroy agricultural and pesticide residues on the grain surface, as well as prevent microbiological contamination in the silo environment.

At Zetron Technology Co., Ltd , we specialize in providing ozone analysis instruments that play a crucial role in implementing ozone gas solutions for grain storage. Our instruments continuously monitor ozone levels in the silo environment, ensuring that the concentration is at the appropriate level to prevent insect reproduction while minimizing any potential negative effects on the grain.

By integrating our ozone analysis instruments into grain storage facilities, farmers and storage managers can effectively preserve grain quality, reduce losses, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. With our innovative technology, we are committed to supporting the agricultural industry in overcoming the challenges of grain storage and ensuring food security for generations to come.


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