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Gas detector applied to mushroom greenhouse

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Nowadays, mushrooms are gradually becoming a concern for health-conscious people, and more and more people are joining the ranks of growing mushrooms, and there are more and more mushroom greenhouses everywhere.

Mushrooms cannot photosynthesize and only consume oxygen, so they are most abundant in forested deciduous areas. The type and quantity of mushrooms are also inextricably linked to the oxygen content of the area.

(Edible mushroom) mushroom consumes a lot of oxygen and metabolizes carbon dioxide in the process of growth. High carbon dioxide in mushroom sheds is caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide produced during the growth of mushrooms due to poor ventilation, while high carbon dioxide will inhibit the growth of mushrooms and seriously lead to carbon dioxide poisoning, the manifestation symptoms of which are premature aging of plants, formation of cauliflower-like, and blue foliage. Therefore, monitoring CO2 is one of the indispensable steps in the mushroom growing industry.
The picture thus shows that carbon dioxide detection is necessary to grow mushrooms and improve production.

Manually ventilating the mushroom shed is troublesome and not rigorous. If the number of times of aeration is too many, the temperature and humidity in the mushroom shed will change drastically and affect the mushroom yield; if the number of times of aeration is too few, the lack of oxygen in the shed will also affect the yield and even suffocate the people who enter the shed. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide and reasonably control the intensity and number of aeration in order to achieve the maximum yield of mushrooms.

A mushroom shed in Yunnan adopts the solution of our gas detector with controller to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity in real time at different points of the shed and feed the data to the controller, so the field operator can know whether the concentration of carbon dioxide is up to the standard through the central control room and can intervene manually when the concentration exceeds the standard.

The gas detector used is MIC600 fixed gas detector, which can detect carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, HCHO, TVOC, etc. The detector housing has IP66 protection level, which is moisture-proof and dust-proof, suitable for mushroom sheds and other high humidity environments. On-site continuous 24-hour online monitoring of multiple gas concentrations and measurement of temperature and humidity, on-site concentration display, remote signal transmission.


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