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Application of Flue Gas Detector in Chemical Industry

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Flue gas is a mixture of gases and soot and is the main cause of air pollution in residential areas. The composition of flue gas is very complex, including SO2, CO, CO2 hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the gas, and soot including fuel ash, coal particles, oil droplets and high-temperature cracking products. Therefore, the pollution of the environment by flue gas is a compound pollution of various toxic substances. The harmfulness of soot to human body is related to the size of the particles, and most of the dust is less than 10 microns in diameter, especially the dust of 1-2.5 microns is the most harmful.

Smoke contains a lot of toxic gases (CO, CO2)
When the CO2 content in the air reaches 7-10%, people will lose consciousness and die in a few minutes. If the content of CO in the air reaches 1%, it can cause death by poisoning after 1-2 minutes.

The oxygen content in the smoke is lower than what people need for normal physiology.
A decrease in oxygen content to 15% decreases a person's muscle activity.
at 10%-14% oxygen content, people will have weakness in their limbs and have difficulty in recognizing directions.
at oxygen levels falling to 6-10%, a person will faint.
When the oxygen content is below 6%, people will die for a short time.
The suspended particles in the smoke are also harmful, and the smaller particles in the suspended particles can enter the human lungs due to the diffusion of gas and adhere to the alveolar wall, which can be sent to the whole body with the blood and cause respiratory diseases.
Smoke particles are opaque to visible light, that is, there is a complete obscuring effect on visible light, when diffuse, visible light because of the smoke particles by the obscuring and greatly reduced visibility.

When a fire occurs, the smoke rolls, causing a sense of terror, often causing chaos to evacuate, and even make people lose their minds and panic.

Flue gas detection instruments are gas detection instruments used to measure the flue gas content of SO2, NO, CO, CO2, etc. in the emissions of air pollution sources (such as power plant boilers, industrial furnaces, etc.).
The upstream of the flue gas detection instrument industry chain is mainly sensors, steel, synthetic resin, etc., and the downstream is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, cement and building materials, etc.

Professional portable flue gas analyzer recommended:

MS800A Air Quality Monitoring Station,data upload cloud platform, real-time early warning, modular design, free parameter selection, online monitoring PM10, pm2.5, Co, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC, TSP, etc.

It could be used in a variety of environments, industrial production environment monitoring, tunnel traffic environment monitoring, and urban environmental monitoring. The atmospheric environmental data monitoring and analysis system can improve the processing and management of air pollution monitoring data, and provide decision-making basis for environmental planning and environmental assessment.

*Optional outdoor large screen, real-time display of test data.
*Optional solar power supply, continuous monitoring of equipment in the state of power outage.
*Integrated GPRS communication technology, real-time monitoring of atmospheric environment data, real-time transmission of data, real-time monitoring equipment operating status.
*IP65 protection design, lightning protection against surge.
*Realize various types of parameter acquisition, automatically upload network platform, automatically publish data.
*Using 32-bit high-speed processing core chip.
*Small size, modular design, grid flexible layout.
*Realize multi-parameter automatic monitoring and anti-interference technology design.
*High precision and reliable performances for outdoor and industrial environments.

PTM600 portable gas detector has the function of measuring multi gases, temperature and humidity.
The product is provided with high measurement precision, stable performance and simple operation and convenient to carry. It is suitable for indoor environment of family, office, inside of cars and natural environment, etc.

MS400-AQI is used for air quality monitoring, it is a handheld type and easily to take it and test the air quality at any time. It contains wind direction, wind speed, temperature and humidity sensors.

* Adopted advanced electric circuit design. 

* Mature kernel algorithm processing. 

* Unique external appearance design, simple operation and convenient to carry.

* Had achieved a number of patents about the software works, external appearance, and so on. 

* Continuously monitoring and displaying concentrations of up to 4 sensors.


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