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Winter home beware of carbon monoxide, gas detection equipment recommended

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Winter and spring temperatures are generally lower, in addition to " cooking tea around the stove ", eating hot pot, barbecue, heating indoors, cooking with gas with closed doors and windows, parking closed windows to blow air conditioning, etc., can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to incomplete statistics, about 6,000 people in China each year acute carbon monoxide poisoning, of which more than 200 people died.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is highly prevalent in winter!

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, what should I do?

1. Do not burn wood/coal for cooking and heating in a confined space. You need to open windows for ventilation to let the air circulate and reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide produced by under-burning of charcoal and coal.

2、If you need to burn wood for cooking/heating in winter, there should be someone to look after it to prevent water from overflowing and causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

3、Place a carbon monoxide detector in the corridor near the sleeping area of your home. When the concentration of carbon monoxide reaches a level that makes people feel uncomfortable, the detector issues an audible and visual alarm, so please leave the house immediately and call 119 or the fire department to be able to take protective measures in time.

4、Before returning to the scene of the accident, please make repairs. If carbon monoxide poisoning has occurred in your home, it is critical to find and repair the source of the carbon monoxide before moving in again. Your local fire department or utility company may be able to help.

Equipment Recommendations
Indoor carbon monoxide alarms can be installed to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from occurring.

Carbon monoxide alarms are now also basically everywhere, installed in various apartment buildings, office buildings and hallways.

On the one hand, when the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds the standard due to improper use of home gas, the carbon monoxide alarm will automatically alarm; on the other hand, when a fire occurs, carbon monoxide will also be produced to achieve the effect of fire alarm.

MS100 fixed gas detector can be fixed in the community hallway, underground garage and other gas detection site sound and light alarm prompts, and real-time display monitoring site gas concentration, on-site debugging using infrared remote control type, without opening the cover can be set parameters.

In the prevention mentioned above, before returning to the scene of the carbon monoxide accident, the need for professional departments to go to the community to investigate the source of leakage, then the detectors use which professional portable detection instruments?

MS400 gas detector for rapid detection of 1-4 combustible gas concentrations, detecting more than 500 types of gases. In addition to the detection of combustible gas leaks in the community, it is also widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, flue gas analysis, air treatment and all other occasions where gas concentrations need to be detected.


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