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The epidemic prevention and control is still continuing,showing you the mask filter aerosol generator and aerosol photometer

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As the epidemic continues to develop, masks have become a necessity for our travels, and are indispensable to ward off bacterial viruses and microscopic particles from passing through the respiratory tract to the human body. Wearing a mask is to block airborne droplets with germs, and the requirements for material and filtration efficiency are particularly important.

With the spread of foreign epidemics, the problem of insufficient supplies for epidemic prevention in various countries is very prominent. As a major manufacturing country, China has become the first choice for countries to purchase epidemic prevention materials. The "mask filtration efficiency tester", which is the most in demand nowadays, is used to test the protection effect and filtration efficiency of daily protective masks and respirators against particulate matter, and is also called particulate matter protection effect and filtration efficiency tester, particulate matter filtration efficiency tester, etc.

Here, We uses professional equipment to show you how to test the high efficiency filtration of particulate matter.

Aerosol photometer

Aerosol photometer is a front scattering linear photometer. It is composed of vacuum pump, light scattering chamber, photomultiplier tube, signal processing converter and microprocessor. Its working principle is: the airflow is extracted to the light scattering chamber by the vacuum pump, and the particulate matter inside will scatter the light to the photomultiplier tube, in which the light is converted into an electrical signal, and then after a series of digital analysis and processing, it will become the reading on the screen.

PM-350 aerosol photometer for pharmaceutical and food production enterprises is used for on-site leak detection after the installation of high efficiency filters and their systems, mainly to check small pinholes and other damages in the filter material, such as frame seals, gasket seals and leaky seams on the filter frame. The purpose of leak detection is to detect the defects in the high efficiency filter itself and installation in time by checking the sealing of the high efficiency filter and its connection parts with the installation frame, etc., and take corresponding remedial measures to ensure the cleanliness of the area.

PM-350 aerosol photometer can automatically switch upstream and downstream aerosol concentrations to determine whether the filter has leaks. The portable scanning probe enables the operator to quickly and accurately identify leak points in remote locations and determine other leak ratios, and the display panel will show an alarm when the alarm boundary is exceeded.

Aerosol generator
The aerosol photometer is used in conjunction with an aerosol generator for leak detection of high efficiency filters. In fact, in many practical tests, an aerosol generator is required to continuously and steadily produce aerosol particles of adjustable concentration with a fixed particle size distribution. Aerosols are mainly designed with special nozzles. Compressed air is blown through a circular slot into the atomized liquid. The shearing force between the nozzle and the liquid is fully dispersed in the so-called annular gap, forming tiny aerosol particles with a large inertial collider volume. When the aerosol particles return to the liquid container, the output particle size is mainly distributed between 0.1 and 10 microns. It is suitable for leak detection of clean rooms and high efficiency filters in medical device inspection institutions, disease prevention and control centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and high efficiency over device manufacturers.

The AG-1800 aerosol generator can produce aerosol particles with a wide range of diameter distributions, providing enough particles to measure high efficiency filter systems when used with a photometer (flow rate range from 1.500-65,000 cubic feet per minute). Easy to operate, stable performance, suitable for certification, HEPA performance testing and installation.


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