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Application of particle counter in medical industry

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In medicine, electronics, mechanical microbiology and other industries, it is necessary to strictly control the cleanliness of the space to meet the relevant standards and product quality. It includes monitoring and testing the purification effect and cleanliness level of various clean grades of the workbench, laboratory, purification room and purification workshop.

Dust particle counter is used to measure the number and particle size distribution of dust particles per unit volume in clean environment, so as to provide a basis for the evaluation of air cleanliness.

The basic principle is that the detection laser of the sensor is received and generated pulse signal by the photosensitive element after scattering by dust particles. The pulse signal is output and amplified, and then processed by digital signal. By comparing with the standard particle signal, the comparison results are expressed by different parameters. The instrument's measurement parameter setting, measurement results display, timing, printing, time are controlled and realized by the built-in microcomputer, the instrument can simultaneously display the temperature and humidity of the environment and monitor the working state of the laser particle sensor.

In recent years, the common dust particle counter laser dust particle counter, light scattering type, measuring particle size range of 0.3-10μm, in addition to the condensed nucleus type laser dust particle counter, can measure the size of smaller dust particles. Light source is the key component of dust particle counter, which has great influence on the instrument performance.

Light scattering is related to particle size, wavelength, refractive index of particles and light absorption characteristics of particles. However, in terms of scattering light intensity and air particle size, there is a basic law that the scattering light intensity of particles increases with the increase of particle surface area. So as long as the scattering light intensity can be measured to infer the size of the particle, this is the basic principle of the particle counter.

Dust particle counter work and classification: dust particle counter is used to measure the number and particle size distribution of dust particles per unit air volume in the clean environment. Dust particle counter is widely used in medicine, electronics, precision machinery, color tube manufacturing, microbiology and other industries, to achieve a variety of clean level of workbench, purification room, purification workshop purification effect, clean level monitoring, to ensure the quality of products.

Dust particle counting is the equipment to detect the particle size and distribution of air dust particle particles. Developed from the microscope, it has experienced the process of microscope, sedimentation tube, sedimentation meter, centrifugal sedimentation meter, particle counter, laser particle counter, PCS nano laser air particle counter. The laser air particle counter has many advantages, such as fast detection speed, wide dynamic distribution and no artificial influence, and has become the mainstream equipment in many industries for many years.

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