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Why do electronic components need to be tested for aging?

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Usually, engineers in electronic component preparation factories or circuit board development will perform aging operations before the official use of electrochemical gas sensors.

So for us amateurs, we must be full of questions, what is electrochemical gas sensor aging? What is the purpose of aging?
I. What is aging test?
Commonly understood is the electrochemical gas sensor from the production to the factory to make factory inspection between the process of electricity called aging, in order to make the catalyst surface impurities reaction off, so that the zero point current down.
When not in use, there will be some other gases adsorbed on it, through aging can be reacted off, and work more stable.

When aging, the working electrode is controlled within the required bias pressure range relative to the reference electrode, so that the sensor can enter the ready working state.

2.Purpose of aging?
In the manufacturing process of the sensor, in order to better ensure the quality of the sensor products, after the completion of the production will simulate the actual use of the product environment to make it energized to test the performance and stability of the product.
For the aging of the sensor, it is not only necessary to provide the corresponding working environment, but also to record the current situation every once in a while, and constantly provide the trigger signal to make its action and monitor whether its output signal is normal.

The current popular sensor aging technology and method in China is to connect the sensor to power and load, and keep the sensor connected to power for a period of time, which can range from a few hours to a few days.
If the sensor does not fail during this period of time, the sensor passes the aging test.

Therefore, the sensor needs to go through a period of aging test before leaving the factory, so that some quality problems of the sensor can be exposed in the aging test.

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