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What can the four-in-one gas detector range detect

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In today's world, environmental monitoring is the foundation and technical support for environmental management. With the development of my country's environmental protection work, my country's environmental monitoring technology has also made great progress, and the production of environmental monitoring instruments has formed a certain scale. The four-in-one gas detector is a single gas or multiple gas detectors that can be flexibly configured. It can be equipped with an oxygen sensor, a combustible gas sensor, and optionally two toxic gas sensors or optionally four toxic gas sensors or any Choose a single gas sensor.

We know that the conventional four-in-one gas detector can detect four gases: oxygen, combustible gas, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. Of course, we can also customize it according to the gas we need to detect. The four-in-one gas detector has a very clear large liquid crystal display screen, with sound and light alarm prompts, to ensure that dangerous gases can be detected in a very unfavorable working environment and promptly prompt the operator to prevent.

The general detection parameters and range of the four-in-one gas detector are as follows:
Can detect 1~4 kinds of gas at the same time, the unit can be switched freely
Units are optional: PPM, mg/m3, Vol%, LEL%, PPHM, ppb, mg/L.
★ Rich man-machine interface
2.31-inch high-definition color screen, displaying real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage and other information; the menu interface uses high-definition simulation graphics to display the function name of each menu.
★ Large-capacity data storage function (capacity can be customized), supports multiple storage methods, optional RS485 communication

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