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How to choose the testing equipment used for environmental monitoring of clean rooms at all levels?

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Clean room is a kind of clean space to control various environmental factors to make it reach a certain degree of cleanliness, in this kind of space, we will need a lot of various equipment to detect the state of various influencing factors, such as particle counters, photometers, air volume hoods and other equipment to carry out relevant testing, that in the clean room in various testing equipment uses are what? What factors are detected?

The Airflow capture hood also becomes the air hood, to various air inlets and outlets for related testing, need to detect wind pressure, wind speed, temperature and humidity and other parameters, used to calculate the number of air changes in the clean room, because the cleanliness of the clean room, clean area is mainly by sending in a sufficient amount of clean air to discharge, dilute the indoor generation of particle pollutants to achieve, so the need to detect the number of air changes.

FSC-V desktop biological air sampler is a high-efficiency porous inhalation dust bacteria sampler. It is designed according to the isokinetic sampling theory, sampling directly, the air speed at the sampling port is basically the same as the air speed in the clean room, which can reflect the microbial concentration in the clean room more accurately. When sampling, the air with dust bacteria passes through the microporous at high speed and is hit on the surface of the agar in the petri dish; it greatly improves the collection efficiency of the active particles in accordance with ISO14698-1 standard. These live microorganisms undergo a dynamic rehydration process during incubation and grow at high speed, resulting in faster results.

B330 High Flow Laser Particle Counter is a new type of particle counter for measuring the size and number of dust particles per unit volume of air in a clean environment, which can quickly verify the cleanliness level of a clean room and print out the relevant test results in compliance with ISO14644 and GMP 2010. The product is easy to operate and simple to use with its large color touch screen of high resolution. Typical applications include particle testing in clean rooms, air particle research, indoor air quality assessment, and also filter performance testing and cleanliness evaluation.

PM-350 aerosol photometer for food and drug manufacturers is used for on-site leak detection after the installation of high-efficiency filters and their systems, mainly to check small pinholes and other damages in the filter material, such as frame seals, gasket seals and leaky seams on the filter frame. The purpose of leak detection is to detect the defects in the high-efficiency filter itself and in the installation in time by checking the sealing of the high-efficiency filter and its connection parts with the installation frame, etc., and take corresponding remedial measures to ensure the cleanliness of the area.

PM-350 aerosol photometer can automatically switch upstream and downstream aerosol concentration to determine whether the filter has a leak, portable scanning probe allows the operator to quickly and accurately identify the leak point in remote locations and determine other leak ratios, when the alarm boundary is exceeded, the display board will show an alarm.

In addition, in the clean room environment testing, there are not only the above testing equipment, but also many other related testing equipment, such as high pressure gas diffusers, gas detectors and other equipment, of which particle counters are most widely used in clean room testing, about the clean room environment monitoring, Beijing Zetron Technology Co. Ltd. as a service provider specializing in providing overall solutions for clean environment in biopharmaceutical, clean space, laboratory, gas detection and other industries, we can provide you with one-stop solutions to meet your different needs.

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