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Every year at least thousands of people in the world die from mine disasters. The frequency of mining accidents is particularly prominent in developing countries such as China. In 2003, China produced about 35% of the world’s coal, but accounted for about 80% of the deaths from coal mine accidents.

There may be many reasons for the mine disaster, including toxic gas leakage (hydrogen sulfide) or natural gas explosion (such as methane), coal dust explosion, earthquake activity, flood or mechanical failure and command error,and toxic gases are the least noticeable.

The portable gas detection and alarm instrument has a built-in gas sensor detection element, which can automatically measure the gas in the well, such as methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. When the harmful gas content exceeds the standard, or the oxygen is insufficient, it will automatically alarm to remind the staff to evacuate or emergency Rescue measures to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Therefore, all types of explosion-proof equipment used in coal mines must comply with the national standard "GB3836-2000". If the explosion-proof equipment is not qualified, the internal explosion flame will be transmitted to the outside of the shell and directly with the combustible and explosive mixed gas underground Exposure may cause a mine fire and gas or coal dust explosion to cause a major malignant accident.

In confined places, such as waterways, agricultural closed grain silos, railway tank cars, tunnels and other working occasions, before people enter, they must be tested, and they must be tested outside the confined space.

A complete confined space gas alarm should be capable of non-contact, sub-site detection with multi-gas detection to detect dangerous gases distributed in different spaces, and should be a portable instrument that does not affect the work of workers. Only in this way can the absolute safety of the staff entering the confined space be guaranteed.

Gas detector is a gas sensor that detects gas composition and concentration. It is mostly used in some mines and other places where hidden safety hazards are hidden, which greatly reduces the occurrence of some possible mine disasters.

Explosion-proof equipment must be used in explosive environments. This is a requirement of my country's labor safety regulations. Except for the coal industry, explosion-proof equipment must be used in petrochemical, metallurgy, military and other industrial fields to ensure production safety. At present, the situation of work safety in my country is still very serious. Explosion accidents have occurred from time to time, and the construction work of work safety in various industrial fields cannot be delayed. For coal mine enterprises, choosing reliable explosion-proof equipment is one of the effective means to effectively contain explosion accidents.

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