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Industrial environmental pollution governance is urgent

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Environmental pollution has always been the focus of much attention in the world. Now is the twenty-first century, through the continuous development and innovation of human beings, not only the standard of living has been improved, technological development has also been a major breakthrough. However, an important issue "environmental pollution" has been neglected. While making significant contributions in the industrial field, the industrial generation (waste gas, waste water, waste residue) has not been effectively treated, resulting in the continuous destruction of the environment.

Industrial production is affected by energy supply, mainly coal, heavy oil, kerosene, etc., diesel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas application ratio is relatively small. The pollution generated by the combustion of coal and other fuels is very serious, because the main components of the flue gas produced by its combustion are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot. Control the emission of industrial pollutant gases, reduce the content of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot in the flue gas is a direct way, but also industrial enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the development of green economy is an important initiative.

Recently, in order to effectively do the daily work of ecological environmental protection in Panzhihua, Panzhihua Ecological Environment Bureau purchased a batch of portable composite gas detector MS600.

The procured equipment monitors environmental quality including water and wastewater, precipitation, seawater, air, exhaust gas, soil and other environmental elements, and at the same time, has the ability to carry out social service monitoring, establish emergency monitoring network in the jurisdiction, provide monitoring data for pollution accident processing and arbitration of pollution disputes in the jurisdiction, carry out environmental monitoring scientific research, conduct research on new technologies of environmental testing, etc.

MS600 portable composite gas detector is used for the need for mobile rapid and accurate detection of site concentration of a variety of gases and temperature and humidity measurement values exceed the standard alarm occasions.

It uses imported semiconductor laser diodes and imported optical sensors, with micro-controller technology, with fast response time, high measurement accuracy, stability and repeatability, MS600 can detect gas concentrations in pipelines or restricted spaces, atmospheric environment can also detect gas leaks, detect more than 500 kinds of gases, but also detect a variety of background gases for nitrogen or oxygen in high concentrations Single gas purity.

And the instrument can measure the number of dust particles of various particle sizes in one sampling, such as simultaneous detection of six particle sizes: PM0.3, PM0.5, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM5.0, PM10.0. suitable for monitoring the concentration of dust particles in various public environments and other places, but also biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, beverage packaging, food hygiene, fine chemicals, atmospheric research, air purification and treatment and other production and scientific research.

Air purification and treatment and other production and research units of choice instruments.

The following is a scene of the field use of the composite gas detector


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