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Airless gas detection in underground garages is essential!

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We have more or less entered the underground garage, no matter where the underground garage, the air always seems to have a very dull and depressing dusty feeling, I do not know if you have the same feeling.
One of the main reasons for this feeling is because of the poor air circulation, underground garages are not installed exhaust system, only the import and export can be ventilated, the air is like a pool of stagnant water, especially the deep air is a bit like the feeling of the grave in the novel!

At the same time, there are a lot of car exhausts in the garage. The gases emitted from the car exhausts are mainly carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot particles, formaldehyde and lead from the use of leaded petrol, which are harmful to the human central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

The production of carbon monoxide in underground garages mainly originates from car engines, when the engine is idling, due to insufficient combustion of petrol, it will produce exhaust gas containing a large amount of CO. The underground car park is an enclosed environment, where vehicles enter and exit more frequently, and the exhaust gases are not easily discharged, making it easy to accumulate a large amount of CO gas, resulting in a choking smell in the car park and damaging human health. If the concentration of the gas is too high, it may even cause fire and explosion.
In recent years, national and local authorities have also paid attention to underground garage CO detection systems.

The national standard "Green Building Evaluation Standard" GB/T50378-2014 version stipulates that "underground garages are equipped with CO monitoring devices linked to exhaust equipment".
Industrial Enterprise Design Health Standard GBZ1-2002 stipulates that the maximum permissible CO concentration in the workshop is 30mg/m3, when the operating time does not exceed 30min at a time, the permissible CO concentration can be relaxed to 100mg/m3, when the operating time is 10~20 minutes, the maximum permissible concentration is 200mg/m3.

The existence of underground garage carbon monoxide detection is necessary, the car has gone into thousands of households, although new energy cars have come out, but now not fully popular, so oil-burning cars still have a long way to go, in order to improve the Earth's environment, for the sake of human health itself, pay attention to the underground garage carbon monoxide problem, but also for the safety of human beings themselves.

CO detection
The solution
Purpose of installing an online gas monitoring system.
1) Personal safety: real-time monitoring of the ambient air and regular exhaust air to ensure that the concentration of carbon monoxide in the garage is below the hazard level.

2) Environmental protection and energy saving: set alarm values according to the concentration of carbon monoxide in the garage and link the fans to avoid energy wastage due to high exhaust air frequency.

Monitoring position: on the wall and column behind the car
Monitoring factors: carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2)
Data transmission: wired or wireless
1) Wired transmission: the gas detection alarm is transmitted to the gas alarm controller in the form of a 4-20mA current signal or an RS485 bus system digital signal, which is then converted into an RS232 signal and transmitted to a computer terminal.
2) Wireless transmission: the gas detection and alarm instrument transmits data to the gas alarm controller in the form of RTU433 or GPRS wireless transmission, and then transmits wirelessly to the computer terminal through the Internet network.

Gas detectors

The MIC100 fixed gas detector can meet the on-site sound and light alarm prompt for CO and other harmful gas detection, and real-time display to monitor the concentration of the gas on site, and infrared remote control type, fixed installation without opening the cover can be set parameters.
Gas Range Resolution
O2 0-30%VOL 0.1%VOL
H2S 0-100ppm 1ppm
CO 0-500ppm 1ppm
EX 0-100%LEL 1%LEL
Suitable for use in a variety of hazardous industrial locations such as: metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, municipal, chemical, biological and pharmaceutical, household environmental protection, school laboratories, car exhaust, etc.


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