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How does four-in-one gas detector perform gas test

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With the development of China's environmental protection activities, China's environmental monitoring technology has also made great progress. The production of environmental monitoring instruments has reached a certain scale. At the same time, with the diversification of flammable gas detectors, other gas detection devices have also appeared on the market.

For example, the four-in-one gas detector guarantees people's work and life to a certain extent.

Four-in-one gas detector uses a special circuit to measure the detector current. After the combustible gas enters the circuit chamber, half of the gas is ignited enough to contain the combustion catalyst.

When the gas burns, the heat and power circuit passing through the current test area change. This change will activate the warning device.

Infrared combustible gas detector works completely differently. The gas entering the test chamber will generate radiation. In fact, upon reaching the gas, half of the gas entering the receiver returns to the transmitter.

The detector measures the intensity of the two beams to determine whether there is combustible gas. If they are the same, everything is fine, but changes in the beam intensity on the air side can cause problems.

Risk of toxic gas leakage in many industrial processing plants, such as chemical products, oil/gas, electricity, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper and sewage treatment, usually including pipes, valves, tanks, burners, refrigerators, shunts, lighting systems , Aeration boxes and other equipment.

When the four-in-one gas detection instrument detects toxic gas, the gas detector should first pay attention to the inherent problem: adjust the concentration and other characteristics to a high concentration according to the chemical stability of the toxic gas.

The response time of the sample is usually very slow due to the inactive active traction force that depends on the airflow. The calibration of 4-gas detectors is usually very difficult, requiring the conversion of special parts and the expansion of operating modes, as well as flow calibration.

The meaning of flow diffusion implied by monitoring and calibration is not always a good record.

Then, if adjustment is required through the control panel, the calibration may become complicated, and the detection head of the remote diffusion gas detector may be affected by the gas. Some applications may generate interfering gases.

Sample extraction method can place the sensor upstream of the sensor by a chemical cleaning machine to absorb noise. After the surrounding pressure sensors are diffused, all gas sensors will measure the partial pressure, actively extract the sensor samples, and work at a slightly higher pressure.

Therefore, the output sensitivity of the sample stretcher is usually higher than the output sensitivity of the diffusion sensor. In gases with low toxicity, this may be an important regulatory level. But it has the characteristics of how much toxic gas is needed.

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