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Zetron Tech Invited You to Attend Indonesia International Water&Wastewater Treatment Exhibition 30 AUG -1SEP 2023

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Indowaste is Indonesia's largest and most comprehensive international water and wastewater treatment exhibition, from two years a session, transformed into an annual tour in Jakarta and Surabaya, the exhibition by the Indonesian Ministry of Public Construction, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, the Indonesian Water Industry Association's strong support, is expected to have 550 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions, more than 10,000 professional visitors will be Over 10,000 professional visitors will gather together to discuss the latest water and wastewater treatment technology.

○ Living, industrial, urban and building water supply and drainage technology and equipment, etc., all kinds of water supply and drainage systems;
○ Membrane and membrane separation technology and equipment; wastewater purification technology, water treatment chemicals, filtration materials and ancillary equipment;
○ Water conservation and wastewater resources application technology and equipment; water quality, water resources testing, analysis, monitoring instruments and equipment, water meters;
○ household water purifier, commercial water purifier, water technology and equipment, pure water, distilled water, mineral water and other manufacturing technology and products;
○ Various types of valves, pumps, seals, inverter water supply equipment, water tanks, vibration isolation equipment and so on;
○ Various types of pipes, fittings, pipe network testing facilities; 
○ Various types of water supply and drainage products, production machinery, water disinfection equipment, etc;
○ water features, fountains, sprinkler irrigation, sprinkler heads and control equipment, lighting equipment;
○ Various types of hot water equipment, heat exchangers, solar water heaters, boilers, insulation materials, bathroom heating equipment, floor heating systems;
○ All kinds of environmental protection products;

You are welcome to visit our booth BF11 in the Exhibition Center 

Jakarta International Expo(Indonesia), 30 AUG -1SEP 2023.⬇️

With 20 years combined experience, Zetron develops, manufacture and market a complete range of  gas detection equipment to protect people from hazardous conditions in the industry, research and commercial 
applications. Today Zetron is in providing water and gas detection equipment, services and solutions to keep your personnel and plant safe.
Our complete product range includes water quality tester, portable gas detector, fixed detection systems, landfill gas analyzer, remote laser methane gas detector, as well as air quality monitoring systems.
As part of our focus on quality, Zetron is ISO9001:2005 and SGS certified and our products have acquired the CE, RoHS, FCC, and ATEX certifications.

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