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Exhibition site|Take German UST hydrogen detector to the Hydrogen Energy Expo

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On the 28th of this month, the 2023 China International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells Expo was held in Beijing, and we immediately came to the exhibition and bring with German UST hydrogen detector.

The 2023 China (Beijing) International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells Expo China (Beijing International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells Expo China) is to promote the high-quality and rapid development of the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry, to promote the construction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstration cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and to build an international hydrogen energy The exhibition is a platform for exchange. With the theme of "Grasping the opportunity of hydrogen energy development and boosting the double carbon target", Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells Expo China will promote the development of hydrogen energy industry through exhibition linkage. In recent years, China, the United States, Japan and the European Union have all formulated plans for the development of hydrogen energy, and governments have elevated the development of hydrogen energy vehicles to a national strategic status. The hydrogen fuel cell has also gained the attention of governments, major companies and scientific research institutes in recent years due to its high efficiency, low pollution and energy safety features, and has a broad application prospect. From large countries to small provinces and cities in China, the hydrogen energy industry chain has already been laid out.

Many professional visitors gathered at the exhibition to discuss the hydrogen production equipment technology and hydrogen supply, hydrogen refuelling stations, hydrogen storage and transportation and related equipment. Zetron also joined in the discussion. When it comes to the topic of hydrogen production, refuelling and transportation of hydrogen, there is a great concern about the leakage of hydrogen, as a little leakage of hydrogen may well lead to the risk of explosion. In addition to hydrogen leak detection equipment built into hydrogen refuelling stations, there are also many scenarios that require the use of handheld. hydrogen detectors, so many people in the audience expressed their interest in the German UST hydrogen detector after we took it out on site. 

Friends who know the hydrogen industry should have seen the German UST Hydrogen Power hydrogen detector appear in the news many times. 

It is a platinum film hydrogen sensor with the ability to work properly at room temperature, with a detection range from 0-999 ppm. the UST hydrogen detector has a fast response (<1 second), is suitable for hydrogen leak detection and can operate continuously for up to 10 hours, and is suitable for use in hydrogen preparation, transport, hydrogen refuelling and in hydrogen energy vehicles.


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