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Gas detector needs regular calibration

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Gas detectors, as we all know, are devices that detect specific gases. Common gas detectors include ozone detectors, 4-in-1 gas detectors, VOC detectors, etc. When purchasing a gas detector, the manufacturer will guide how to adjust the gas detector, and remind us that we need to calibrate the gas detector regularly, but many customers do not understand why the adjustment was made at the time of purchase, and the gas detector needs to be regularly calibrated in the future.

1. The accuracy of the equipment is an important prerequisite for issuing a warning when the concentration of toxic and harmful gases or combustible gases in the detection environment reaches the preset alarm limit. Accurate and timely alarm is a guarantee to ensure the safety of personnel and production safety.

2. The accuracy of the detector mainly depends on the sensor. The electrochemical sensor and catalytic combustion sensor may be gradually changed or poisoned by specific substances in the environment during use. Therefore, regular calibration of the gas detector is absolutely necessary.

3. At present, all gas detectors have not deviated from the relative measurement method. Therefore, the instrument must be maintained and calibrated in time to accurately correct the manufacturer's requirements to ensure the accuracy of the instrument test results.

4. It is necessary to calibrate the test results of the instrument frequently to ensure that the error does not exceed the normal range. Like our watches, we must also calibrate regularly with standard time to ensure the accuracy of the displayed time.

Therefore, it is best to calibrate the device periodically to minimize errors in the device test results and maximize accuracy. Therefore, before using any type of instrument, it is best to perform a response test on the standard gas of the device to ensure that the device actually plays a protective role.

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