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Safety warning of exhaust gas leakage caused by pharmaceutical plants

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On July 15, 2022, the State Drug Administration held a meeting to deploy deepening drug safety special rectification work, the meeting proposed: "effectively protect the stability of the drug safety situation and maintain the people's drug safety." This meeting showed the official determination to rectify the drug industry.
People will always get sick, and we can't live without medicine. With the progress and development of modern medicine technology, to a certain extent, human life expectancy has been extended.

Although medicines bring protection to people's healthy life, but in the pharmaceutical process, accompanied by a variety of chemical reactions, will produce a large number of exhaust gases. In addition, the frequent occurrence of centrifuge accidents in pharmaceutical plants is also a constant alarm to people about safety.

Many of these accidents are caused by human error, resulting in the leakage of exhaust gases from pharmaceutical plants, which leads to combustion and explosion and poisoning. There are also incidents where people are killed or injured because of the disintegration of the centrifuge explosion.

As a relevant pharmaceutical industry practitioners, first of all, you have to understand where the exhaust gas of pharmaceutical plants is generated from, what kinds are there, and what hazards will be produced to the human body.
Pharmaceutical plant waste gas generated by two major sources, one is the pharmaceutical production process generated; the second is the pollution management process. Pharmaceutical production process generated by the exhaust gas is divided into three cases: chemical synthesis, biological fermentation, extraction process.

Chemical synthesis itself is the synthesis of chemical raw materials, with volatile, refining process will have organic solvent volatilization and drug dust volatilization.
The fermentation process will have the odor of fermentation medium interspersed with the odor of the metabolic process of bacteria, some of which are very unpleasant.
In the extraction and refining process of fermented products, there will also be volatilization of organic solvent and drug dust.

The exhaust gas in the pollution control process mainly includes: the volatilization of organic solvent recovery process, the volatilization of incorporated components in wastewater caused by aeration in the wastewater treatment process, and the exhaust gas generated by the microbial metabolism process in the biological treatment process.

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