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How to avoid the risk of limited confined space operation

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On June 23, a poisoning accident occurred at a company's sewage treatment station in Laiwu District, Jinan City, resulting in 2 deaths.

On July 2, a limited space operation poisoning accident occurred in a company in Hanzhong during the outsourcing cleaning operation of the damaged guide column in the 1# analysis tank of the liquid making workshop, resulting in 3 deaths.

On August 1, a company in Daxing District, Lixian Town, property personnel in the relocation of the third phase of the fourth standard section of the project office for meter reading operations, a limited-space work safety accident occurred, resulting in two deaths and one injury.

 The area of "limited space" is not large, but the danger is not small. So, what is "limited space"? What are the limited spaces around us?
Limited space, in fact, is not designed for fixed workplace, staff can not work for a long time inside. The import and export of these places are relatively small, complex internal structure, generally in a closed or semi-closed state.

Poor natural ventilation in the limited space, easy to accumulate toxic and flammable and explosive gases, resulting in insufficient oxygen and other hazards.

Common limited spaces include:
Confined equipment, such as ship's holds, storage tanks, truck-mounted tanks, reaction towers, reefers, pipelines, flues, boilers, etc.
underground finite spaces, such as underground pipelines, basements, underground warehouses, waste wells, cellars, cesspools, digesters, septic tanks, sewers, etc.
Above ground limited space, such as storage room, lees pond, fermenter, refuse station, greenhouse, cold storage, granary, silo, etc.
Limited space is not far from our lives, these places, although seemingly unobtrusive, but actually known as "invisible killers.

Toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, etc. are often found in these confined environments. If the construction personnel protective measures or operating procedures are not appropriate, it is easy to poisoning, asphyxiation and other serious accidents.
Moreover, these accidents often happen in a flash, making it impossible to prevent them.

It is because of the greater danger of limited space operations, so the relevant industries and regulatory authorities must strengthen management, firmly establish the "life first" concept of safety.

Before entering a limited space, it is important to confirm the presence of hazardous gases in the operating environment. Therefore, before entering the limited space, the following points should be done.
01 Risk assessment of the overall operating environment, analysis of the presence of harmful factors, propose appropriate solutions, develop a limited space operation plan, emergency plans, and report to the person in charge of the enterprise.
02 According to the requirements of the operation plan and emergency plan, prepare the safety protection facilities and equipment that meet all requirements.
03 Clarify the respective safety responsibilities of the person in charge of the work site, guardian, operator, emergency rescue personnel, etc.

04 Conduct special safety training for persons in charge, guardians, operators, and emergency rescue personnel engaged in limited space operations.


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