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How can companies effectively conduct gas detection, avoid these misconceptions!

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Gas detectors can be divided into fixed gas detectors and portable gas detectors according to the way they are used.
It has been widely used in industrial safety (steel metallurgy, gas, petrochemical, coal chemical and biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, environmental protection and other industries) and commercial & civil safety (catering, ecological agriculture, lime, food and beverage processing, water treatment and sewage treatment and other industries). It is no exaggeration to say that the installation and use of gas detectors has greatly reduced the occurrence of accidents such as explosions, fires, poisoning and asphyxiation.

However, customer working conditions site gas detectors also occasionally fail to occur. Through the summaries of front-line salesmen and after-sales staff, we found that the same model of gas detectors, some manufacturers use a few years without problems, while others communicate with the manufacturer every now and then about the various failures that occur in the detector.

Generally speaking, each gas detector will go through strict quality inspection by the quality inspection department before leaving the factory. Take the products of Aey Technology Company, for example, the company has established a perfect quality control system, operating in strict accordance with the ISO:9001-2015 quality management system requirements to ensure that each product is of high quality to meet customer needs. It is very rare that problems really occur because of quality.

So if this is the case, why do gas detectors still fail at the site of the working conditions? In the case of choosing a regular manufacturer, most of them are caused by improper use. The following is a summary of the use of gas detectors in some common misconceptions, the

Myth Description: A customer reflects that after the installation of the gas detector, in order to test the instrument, it is tested with a lighter, the results of the detector has been in the alarm state and can not be zeroed, and then detected as a sensor damage, return to the factory to pay for replacement.

The reason behind the analysis of high concentration of gas testing
Gas detector is a precision instrument, which has sensitive electronic components inside - the sensor. So never use a lighter to test combustible gas detectors, which is an extremely common misconception. Combustible gas detectors have a detection range of 3 to 100% LEL, while lighter gas is high purity butane, far beyond the detection range of combustible gas detectors! When using a lighter for testing, it is easy to cause the chemical activity of the sensor element decay or deactivation, or lead to the sensor's platinum wire burned off, directly scrapped! (Note: the impact of high concentrations of gas caused by the sensor failure, the manufacturer does not provide warranty services, you need to replace at your own expense)


Misconceptions Description: A customer reflected that he purchased a portable composite gas detector a few years ago, during the period has been used by the company's departments to use each other, and now the detector just turned on the alarm. After returning to the factory for repair, it was found that one sensor had failed, and the error rate of several other sensors exceeded the allowable range.

The reason behind the analysis Only use but lack of maintenance
The instrument requires routine maintenance and is placed in a dry and dust-free environment when not in use. In addition, the gas detector is a measuring instrument, in order to ensure the accuracy of the detection needs to be regularly calibrated to the detector, the longest calibration cycle should not exceed one year, the calibration of the gas detector needs to be operated by professionals to carry out.


Myth Description: A customer reflected that the previously purchased hydrogen sulfide gas detector was installed in the pipeline without authorization, and as a result, the sensor of the hydrogen sulfide gas detector failed in just over a week.

The reason behind the analysis of unauthorized changes in the use of the environment
Hydrogen sulfide gas detector is used to measure the value of hydrogen sulfide gas concentration in the environment, the normal environment of hydrogen sulfide concentration value is zero, if leakage occurs, the concentration value will be detected through the consumption of electrolyte, (hydrogen sulfide gas detector sensor for electrochemical principles, electrolyte loss degree and hydrogen sulfide concentration in the environment to be measured is positively correlated) Therefore. Normal environment using hydrogen sulfide gas detector life is not short. The pipeline belongs to the state of hydrogen sulfide gas is always present, which will lead to a sharp reduction in electrolyte consumption, resulting in a shortened life. Do not change the environment of the detector without permission!


Misconception Description: A customer reflected that the site of the working conditions of the easy to leak gases for benzene organic gases, but the purchase of several combustible gas detectors, the use of found that when there is a benzene gas leak, the detector value of zero, the customer once thought that the product quality problems, but after a third-party test report shows that the product has no quality problems.

The reason behind the analysis of the selection error - organic gas as a combustible gas measurement
Although it is often said that catalytic combustion sensors can theoretically measure any combustible gas, so the manufacturer mistakenly thought that such organic gases as benzene can also be directly detected by combustible gas detectors. In fact, organic gases (VOC) should be measured by sensors based on the photoionic detection principle, which is determined by the properties of the sensor itself. If you insist on using a catalytic combustion sensor to measure organic gases, it will lead to "carbon build-up", and after a certain point, the gas will not be able to make effective contact with the catalytic beads, so the detector value will be zero.
The customer's needs are not described in detail, resulting in the purchase of the wrong product selection. Customers in the purchase of gas detectors, you need to communicate in detail with the pre-sales, pre-sales will record their needs, and by the technical staff to develop a perfect gas detection program.
Of course, customers are not professionals, missing or omitted demand points is also the norm. Therefore, the quality of after-sales service is also a highlight of our company, tracking the use of sold products throughout the process to ensure the stable operation of the products purchased by customers.

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